“We Are a Govt of the Youth”: Nagamootoo


Youth Ambassadors Present Proposal to National Assembly That ‘Could Transform Lives’ of Guyanese Young People

St. Rose’s High School student Bibi Nareema Khan
President’s College student Jeremy Fraser

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said the government is open to addressing the growing concerns of Guyana’s youth.

Following a presentation by two Youth Ambassadors last Friday in the National Assembly, Prime Minister Nagamootoo said he was honored to be part of an evolving system which allows the voices of youths to be heard.

St. Rose’s High School student Bibi Nareema Khan and President’s College Jeremy Fraser took the National Assembly through a body of proposals they said could transform the lives of every Guyanese child.

“And it shows that we are here as tribune, not generally of the people of Guyana, but of the young people. They are the reason why in our own lives, we have chosen the path of service. Today, when we listen to them speaking to us about the need to reform our curriculum, speaking to the need of having access to cost and studies of subjects without discriminating against them or limiting their ability to study in many subjects as you would want to, they are telling us as elected members of the house that they have a voice. And this voice has not always been there,” the Prime Minister said.

The message by Khan called on the members of the National Assembly to continue to work toward improving Guyana’s education system. She said Guyana’s children view the education system as a lifelong process of growth, realisation and capacity building intended to harness the value and skill of citizens, to render benevolent and beneficial roles, at the community, regional, national and international levels.

“Specifically, we call attention to the need to continuously review, update and revise our curriculum to ensure that it remains in consonance with the shifting economic pillars of the country,” she pleaded on behalf of Guyanese children.

The St. Rose’s student also called for the need of an education system that would cater for students with special needs, pointing to the necessity to ensuring that the curriculum is designed with a requirement of training of teachers and the availability of physical infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Fraser, a senior student of President’s College, called for an improved approach to social cohesion, particularly of the need to reach children in the hinterland regions.

“We call for the need to work towards a society where the values of equality, equity, and meritocracy are upheld. We call attention to the values which direct, informs and guide the work of the RCC’s Youth Ambassadors.”

He said the children of Guyana continue to demand that the National Assembly keep working towards the advancement of Guyana’s efforts to promote and deliver all levels of education, dispense quality health care, and provide sport and transportation services to the hinterland regions.

In their final submission, the youth ambassadors articulated some of the overarching and focal areas requiring responses and interventions. They were optimistic that their calls would be heard and interventions made to address the issues raised. (By Alexis Rodney / DPI)