US-based Guyanese Jailed For Cocaine Trafficking


Says he Attempted to Smuggle the Drug to Support his Son in College

GUYANA — A US-based Guyanese man, who claimed that he attempted to take cocaine through the Cheddi Jagan Airport to support his son in college, will be missing the son’s entire college life, after he was sentenced to four years in jail following a guilty plea for drug trafficking, News Source Guyana reported on Thursday.

Warren McKie, 48, was an outgoing passenger heading back to New York when he was accosted by members of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit and found with over three pounds of cocaine in the false back of his carry-on luggage, News Source said.
The arrest took place on Wednesday and Mack was taken before the Court on Thursday.
The Court also heard that he was found with over US$2500 in his possession. The money was also seized.

Before the Magistrate handed down his sentence, the man was questioned about the offence. He told the Court that he had just buried his mother and needed money to send his son off to college in the United States. He said he was facing some financial problems, but did not want to disappoint his son from pursuing his medical studies.

After considering the fact that the man did not waste the Court’s time, the Magistrate handed down the four year jail sentence, which was coupled with a $3.3 million fine.

The drug trafficking convict showed no emotions as he was led away from the courtroom, News Source reported.