US Air Marshals for Selected Flights Between U.S. and Trinidad


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Flights between Trinidad and Tobago and the United States are now expected to be safer as both countries have agreed to deploy US Air Mashals on selected flights.

The announcement was made via a statement by the US Embassy in Port-of-Spain on Friday (Sept 08).

The statement says: “Trinidad and Tobago and the United States, in line with their deep and expanding program of security and law enforcement cooperation, recently agreed to deploy U.S. Air Marshals on selected flights between the two countries.”

The agreement, according to the statement, provides for the continued security presence of In-Flight Security Officers (IFSOs) between the two countries.

IFSOs, more commonly known as Air Marshals in the United States, are security officers deployed on aircraft for the purpose of carrying out duties pursuant to aviation security.

“The renewed commitment will ensure that the United States and Trinidad and Tobago continue to be on the forefront of the latest methodologies and security concepts,” the statement says.

The agreement also allows the United States and Trinidad and Tobago to continue to be part of an evolving joint global strategy to thwart terrorism in the civil aviation community now and into the future.

IFSO programs throughout the globe continue to be developed, providing a risk-based inflight line of defense for terrorist attacks against civil aviation, according to the statement.

The U.S Embassy thanked the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for its support and cooperation in ensuring the “Federal Air Marshall program is and remains a success.” – CMC