Tourism Minister Asks Police to Investigate “Wicked, Vile and Inhumane” Video


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe says she has asked the police to investigate the origin of a video being circulated on the social network allegedly showing her involved in pornographic scenes.

“My good name is all that I have, and I must protect and defend my good name to the hilt. The action(s) of the perpetrator(s) are to be condemned and have been reported to the Police Cybercrime Unit and other relevant agencies for their urgent attention and investigation,” she said in her post on her Facebook page.

She described the video as “unfortunate, wicked, vile and inhumane.”

She added, “It appears that my political opponents know no limits. They have stooped to an all-time low by attaching my picture to pornographic material depicting a young lady unknown to me, and who is clearly not me.

“It is unfortunate, wicked, vile and inhumane for anyone to go so far, as to defame my good name, tarnish my reputation, in an attempt to sully my character. I cannot fathom how on God’s earth, anyone do that! I here strongly condemn the sick person who would have done this and as well, any and everyone who would knowingly take pleasure in endorsing, circulating, and rejoicing in this malignant plot.”

The video with the alleged photographs of Cudjoe attached was shared on social media over the last weekend, sparking heated online discussions.

But Cudjoe, the parliamentary representative for Tobago West, said she is not prepared to remain silent on the matter.

“Further, I find it obscene to be asked by some commentators to disregard this development as par for the course in politics! Why should I keep silent? Because it’s the lady-like thing to do?

“What kind of message would I be sending the other women, our young girls and our children, who aspire to leadership? How dare I be so flippant? I am a woman, a young professional and a human being. I am a somebody’s daughter, sister, aunt, among the many other hats that I wear,” she wrote, adding that she had spent the past 35 years building her life, career and sound reputation. – CMC