Three Suspected Bandits Shot Dead by Police in Black Bush Polder


Four Guns and a Quantity of Ammunition Recovered

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – The Guyana police have confirmed the deaths of three suspected bandits during a shootout with law enforcement authorities on Sunday.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) said the incident occurred in Black Bush Polder, East Berbice after the men had committed a robbery.

The police said that among those killed is Kelvin Shivgobin, alias, Kelly, who was wanted for the double murder of the Samaroo brothers on Old Years night.

The others killed during the police shootout have been identified as Ramnarine Jagmohan and Sewchand Sewdat also called “One Eye Pappy”.

A Police Statement said that based on information that strange persons were seen in the backlands of Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder, a police team went into the area just after 3:30 pm on Sunday.

Bullet-proof vests recovered by police (DPI Photo)

According to the Police, the lawmen came under rapid gunfire and were forced to take up tactical positions, while returning fire. The Police said the exchange lasted for about five minutes and when the gunshots ended, the lifeless bodies of the three bandits were found with gunshot injuries.

Investigators at the scene, also found a pistol, two revolvers, a rifle, three magazines, two hundred and fifty-three (253) rounds of live ammunition and seven spent shells.

Additionally, they discovered two bullet-proof vests, over $600,000 in cash, several pieces of gold jewelry and five cellphones.

Investigators also found a solar charger, duct tape, gloves, torch lights, a crow-bar, a knife and a cutlass among other items.

Police B Division commander, Paul Langevine, said residents in Berbice can now sleep comfortably following the deaths of the three men who had been terrorising the area.

Cash and other items recovered by police (DPI Photo)

The police believe the three men may have been behind the spate of violent robberies in the Berbice area over the past few months.

Just last week, the Guyana Police Force dispatched additional Police resources to the Berbice area to assist in the crime fight there.

Langevine said the police had been looking for the men following the latest robbery at a Chinese Supermarket in Albion.

“People think the police not working but if residents are not safe, we do not sleep and we have been working behind the scenes gathering intelligence and tracking them all the time waiting for the right moment to strike” – NEWS SOURCE GUYANA / CMC