Three Shot Dead by Undercover Cops


Wife of one of the Victims Seeks Answers, Claims Her Husband Was Not a Criminal and Police Reports do not Add up

GUYANA — There seems to be many questions surrounding a deadly shooting incident involving undercover cops and suspected bandits at the Kingston Seawall in Georgetown on Thursday.

The Guyana Police Force say three men who were trailing a bank customer, were killed by undercover cops on Thursday.

In a statement, the police said at approximately 10:30 am, they were told that two suspecious looking characters were spotted in the vicinity of Scotia Bank on Robb Street in the capital.

Ranks of an anti-crime patrol in an unmarked vehicle were alerted and followed the vehicle which was observed following a customer who had exited the same bank and was in a car.

“This observation continued and culminated at the Kingston Seawall where the customer had by this time parked his motorcar,” the police said.

The statement added that the two suspicious looking characters in the motorcar, drove up to the customer’s vehicle and exited, one brandishing a small arm at the customer.

One of the men after the shootout

A shootout ensued and the police report that this initial exchange resulted in the demise of the two persons later identified as Dextroy Cordis, 46, also known as Dutty and another man identified as Kwame Assanah.

Seconds after the initial exchange of gunfire, the Police said two other men were observed on a motorcycle in close proximity to the car of the dead suspects.

The police statement said one of the two persons on the motorcycle discharged several rounds at the police who again returned fire which resulted in a third person identified as Errol Adams, 57, also known as Dynamite, being shot dead.

His accomplice sped away on the motorcycle, the police said.

Investigators say a 9mm Pistol along with a magazine containing seven live rounds and four spent shells were found next to the body of Cordis.

The motorcar vehicle that was driven by Assanah was searched and the investigators found one driver’s licence, ten passports belonging to himself and family members, a key used by trunkers, two handcuff keys along with a bandana and clothing.

Meanwhile, the wife of one of the three men shot dead by the Police said she is not buying the Police report that her husband was one of the suspected bandits.

Speaking to News Source Guyana, Assanah’s wife, Claire Assanah who is a private school teacher, said she needs answers because the Police Force’s report is not adding up and is making no sense.

She raised concern that the Police in its statement, claimed that her husband had been previously arrested “for several offenses”.

“That is a complete lie,” the wife was reported as saying, as she challenged the Police Force to provide those arrest records. The woman, according to News Source, said her husband has never been arrested for any offense, has never been charged for any offense and has no criminal record or any other Police record.

She explained that just recently, the same Police Force provided her husband with a Police Clearance which allowed him to start a new job.

The grieving widow told News Source that her husband would work the car as a taxi.

“My husband was a family man. He dropped me to work every morning and dropped our son to school and came back for us. He would then drop me to all of my private tutor classes and come pick me up. This was no criminal or bandit. The Police needs to say what exactly took place,” she was quoted by News Source as saying.

The wife said she is convinced that “a lot of facts are missing and we want answers. I know my husband and the type of man he is, he would have been the one to have his hands up in the air surrendering to Police and not engaging the Police in anything.”

Mrs. Assanah further explained that her husband previously worked with the Alliance Security company as a Supervisor and was a GDF pilot in training a few years ago before he left the Force to offer better support to his younger siblings in the absence of their parents.

“It’s eight of them and my husband was the eldest. He was the one who from an early age played a role in raising his siblings and he had the most respect for the law. This makes no sense,” she was reported.

The widow has vowed to seek answers and clear her husband’s name.

And, according to News Source, more questions are popping up about the Police Force’s account of the event. Other persons who were in the area, said they also saw a young woman and a young man running from another car when the shooting started. They were reportedly told to go back to their car and leave the scene.

The Police release made no mention of other persons being at the scene.

Additionally, although the Police claim that one of its undercover car was damaged during the shoot-out, the car was not at the scene by the time investigators arrived, News Source reported.

Also, the bodies of the three men were all close to the black car that one of the men was driving, yet the car was not hit by a bullet during the shoot-out, although the bodies of the men appeared to have sustained multiple shots, News Source said.

Efforts to get the top brass of the Police Force to offer clarification on the Police statement has so far proven futile, according to the news agency.

Demerara Waves online, also reported that one of the men did not have a criminal past, contrary to earlier claims by the police.

Demerara Waves said, according to Crime Chief, Paul Williams, at no time on Friday did the Criminal Investigations Department find any information in its database that Assanah had been held by police.

“When I ran the database, there was nothing that the man was previously involved or had any conviction…It was clear that there was nothing about the man,” Williams was quoted as telling Demerara Waves Online News, moments after meeting with Assanah’s family members.

Relatives and associates told Demerara Waves Online News that Assanah was at one time enlisted in the Guyana Defence Force, and quite recently had sought employment at COURTS. As part of the application process, he had reportedly secured a police clearance.