Soldier Shot Dead in Gasparillo


TRINDAD & TOBAGO — A soldier was shot dead by his neighbour during an argument which was sparked by a “cut eye”, according to a news report.

Police were reported by the Trinidad Guardian as saying the soldier, Sgt Ken Palmer, 42, who was attached to Teteron Barracks, Chaguaramas, was killed in the yard of his common-law wife Radhica Pooran along Dalloo Road, Gasparillo around 6.15 pm.

Investigators, according to the Guardian report, said Palmer had an argument with two men, Ravi Pooran, his wife’s brother, and the suspect. Police was told the suspect asked Palmer, “What you watching me so for?” before a fight broke out between Palmer and the suspect.

After the suspect suffered several blows from Palmer, he went to a house at the back of Pooran’s home and returned with a gun to shoot Palmer, the Guardian reported.

Ravi tried to stop the suspect but the suspect opened fire, shooting Ravi and Palmer multiple times. He then ran off. Police were on Friday in a manhunt for him. Ravi, 30, was undergoing surgery at the San Fernando General Hospital Thursday night.

Initial reports suggest that Palmer was shot in the head, shoulder and abdomen.