Samaya Naraine: A Future Star!


They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. This is certainly the case with eight-year old Samaya Saraswatie Naraine. She is the daughter of Sanjeev and Evita Nepal-Naraine, a professional couple that are making a positive contribution to the community. Evita and her brother Harry Jr. learned music at the East Indian Music Academy, with teachers Ravideen and Bharti Ramsamooj.

Samaya emphasizes the importance of reading at the Queens Book Fair, in New York.

Evita played the sitar and sang while her brother Harry accompanied her on the tabla. They made a wonderful team and were in constant demand to perform at various charitable functions. Evita grew into a confident young lady. She went to college and wanted to shape lives. She became a teacher with the New York City public schools and this gave her the opportunity to make the difference that she wanted. Evita got married to Sanjeev Kumar Naraine and they set about to make their contribution to the mosaic that is New York City. Sanjeev is a PTA Vice- President and IT specialist and a very affable person. It did not take long for their daughter Samaya to exhibit confidence and leadership skills.

Samaya is in the third grade. She exemplifies kindness and a caring attitude towards others. The teachers have showered high praises on her for her ‘excellent academic performance, good ethics, and friendly disposition.’ Samaya loves to read, sing, and draw, and is it any wonder that she would take to music? She plays the harmonium and violin too!

In recognition of her achievements, Samaya was selected to be on the Girl Scout Samoa cookie box. There was a large pool of contestants for this prestigious honor but Samaya came out on top. This makes her the first Guyanese-American to be featured internationally, on the Samoa box, and at her age. As is well known, the Girl Scouts pave the way for female empowerment and for young girls to gain leadership skills. They also acquire confidence and learn how to function in the world of finance.

Samaya proudly displays the Girl Scout Samoa Cookie Box that has her picture.

Samaya finds the time, from her already busy schedule, to worship with her parents at the Maharishi Dayananda Gurukula, under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Satish Prakash. She also participates in their cultural programs. Twice yearly, Samaya donates merchandise to the needy in the United States, and abroad. Recently, she was at the Queens Book Fair in New York where she spoke about the importance of reading to an appreciative audience.

Samaya’s family is proud of her achievements and they have high hopes and expectations for her future. Her doting grandparents are Harry and Guytri Nepal and Khrishan and Manika Naraine. It is clear that Samaya is a young lady that will follow in the footsteps of her parents in academia and community work and be a role model to others. We wish her all the best in the future.

A happy family: Samaya (left) with her dad Sanjeev, her mom Evita and her brother Surendra.