Rowley Urges Nation to Remember Goodness Will Always Conquer Evil


TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has urged citizens to embrace light and remember, “goodness will always conquer evil.”

In his Divali message to the nation, Rowley said, “During the course of life, we are faced with many choices.”

“We may be drawn to a life dominated by fear, anger, violence, malice and temptation to do wrong or one of hope, righteousness, empowerment and enlightenment.”

Rowley said while it is not easy to choose what is right and noble, citizens should reflect on the spiritual teachings of Divali. He said those teachings show, “light will dispel darkness; prayer and perseverance will fill us with the courage to overcome all challenges.”

Rowley said as various communities and the country celebrate Divali today, the lesson of Divali must continue after the festivities have ended. “Let us continue to nourish that light in our hearts and allow it to radiate throughout every corner of our country bringing peace, success and prosperity to all citizens of TT,” Rowley said.