Right to Vote in a Democracy Should Never be Taken for Granted


Dear Editor,

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has upended the daily lives of everyone in this country and our community. We can not go to work as usual. Even our elections have been postponed – the most potent symbol of our democracy.

On April 28th, citizens in our district expected to vote in the Democratic Primary for races up and down the ballot, from the Presidential nomination contests between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders to local races directly affecting our community. Before that, we were going to elect a new Queens Borough President. Richard David, district leader, who has been a consistent presence across events, programs and activism in our district in recent years, is on the ballot in the race for State Assembly in District 31. He’s the nominee for the Democratic Party, a historic moment by itself.

Voting for all these races in New York has now been postponed to June 23rd. The events over the past month in Guyana should serve as a reminder that the right to vote in a democracy and the holding of free and fair elections should never be taken for granted. With that in mind, I encourage my fellow citizens in this district that spans South Ozone Park, Springfield Gardens and the Rockaways, to come out on June 23rd and exercise your right …to vote.

When voting in the race for State Assembly, vote for Richard David. He knows our district. He is a product of Southeast Queens. He can always be seen at local events, temples, masjids, churches, supermarkets, and more, campaigning. He has been delivering groceries to seniors during this pandemic, registering people for public assistance, raising awareness of the Census, and demanding more testing in the district. He is not simply campaigning for a position. He is campaigning to make our future better than our past.

On June 23rd, he is simply be the best choice on the ballot to represent the district in Albany. This Election Day, vote Richard David for State Assembly!

For more info about Richard’s campaign, visit www.richarddavid.nyc and while you’re online, register to vote at dmv.ny.gov and complete your census, www.my2020census.gov.


Rusat Ramgopal
Communications Director
Richard for New York