Richmond Hill-South Ozone Park Lions & Leos Club Distributes Backpacks, School Supplies


On Saturday August 17th members of the Richmond Hill-South Ozone Park (RHSOP) Lions & Leo’s Club distributed backpacks loaded with school supplies to the community’s school children.

The venue was the Lefferts Library in Richmond Hill, and nearly one hundred and fifty school age youths gratefully collected a backpack each.

Schools in NYC are reopening for the fall semester, and parents are busy preparing their children with new clothing and school supplies. In a gesture that will certainly make a positive impact on the back to school hustle and bustle, the RHSOP Lions Club prepared more than one-hundred and fifty beautifully colored back packs for distribution.

The Club also ran a free raffle of four vouchers valued at twenty-five dollars each and redeemable at Staples. Four lucky families received an additional twenty-five dollars boost to their back-to-school expenses.

The distribution of back packs and the raffle were well received by parents and their charges who attended the giveaway, and all had high praise for the RHSOP Lions Club which is one of the leading organizations that arranges these service projects.