Richmond Hill, Ozone Park (Little Guyana, India and Bangladesh), Celebrate Baldeo’s Election as District Leader in Queens

Albert Baldeo, candidate for the State Senate

QUEENS, NY — Albert Baldeo brought triumph, inspiration and pride to the large South Asian and Indo-Caribbean population in Queens at the last elections.

According to a press statement, Baldeo, who came the closest to winning a State Senate seat when he was declared the new Senator, but which decision was later reversed to “narrow defeat by 500 votes,” overnight, in 2006, proved that he is still a leading voice from that community that was built by the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants that share a common heritage.

According to the press statement, Baldeo is now a candidate for the State Senate on August 23 election next month, against incumbent Senator, Joe Addabbo, for a newly drawn district which comprises Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Glendale, Maspeth, Kew Gardens and Middle Village. Baldeo hopes that his base will seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to secure representation, and come out to vote for a larger voice.

Baldeo, the press release said, is well-known for his efforts to return and preserve democracy in Guyana recently, and successfully appealed to then US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, about the hijack of democracy and the need to restore democracy and law and order in Guyana, his native country. “We will continue to monitor disruptions of democracy, peace and public safety in Guyana also, foster more cooperation between the Caribbean and the Diaspora, while uplifting the lives of everyone living in the US,” Baldeo said.

The statement said Baldeo also created history by becoming the first person ever elected District Leader twice, in two different Assembly Districts, AD 38 (2008), and AD 24 (2022). A passionate, respected and accomplished advocate and civil rights leader, and prominent, retired attorney, his triumph has been welcomed across the district as a fighter, champion and hero. His success was attained without any institutional help from the status quo, very much like Guyanese-Barbadian American, the iconic Shirley Chisholm, before him.

Albert Baldeo with President Bill Clinton

The statement continues: “His success is even more impressive when one considers that his community was gerrymandered into 4 different Assembly Districts, which dilutes their votes and their voices. Baldeo proved that voters are fed up with politics as usual, and want genuine grassroots representatives, like him, to represent them, to further their interests, and speed up the recovery process.

“His rise inspires others who have been unfairly victimized, suppressed and discriminated by an imperfect judicial system, and marginalized from the mainstream of American politics, dreams and life.

“Albert Baldeo’s history is about rising up back from injustice and discrimination, a legacy that will motivate others who have been targeted by an imperfect American system. From being the youngest Magistrate and Senior State Counsel ever in the Commonwealth, to twice elected District Leader, he is a beacon of encouragement to others.”