Ralph Tamesh Returned as ICF President

ICF Executives

QUEENS, NY, March 13, 2024: The Indo-Caribbean Federation (ICF) held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, March 10, 2024, and longtime President Ralph Tamesh was returned unopposed as the not-for-profit organization’s leader. Tamesh is in his 22nd year as President of the ICF.

Now celebrating its fortieth year as a New York-based charity, the ICF holds its election for an Executive Board, Committee Members, and Board of Directors every two years. The election night event was well-attended by members of the organization, some of their spouses, and friends, with everyone well-dressed for the evening’s business, festivities, and dinner. However, the women outclassed the men in colorful saris and adorned with exquisite pieces of fine Indian jewelry accessories.

The evening’s proceedings began with the members singing the ICF theme “Ishwar Allah” song and welcoming sponsors and guests.

Some members of the Board of Directors, outgoing Secretary Vanessa Matura and the organization’s Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Radika Olarte spoke of the camaraderie that is evident among the members while recapping some of the activities and initiatives of the ICF during the past two years. Vice President Dr. Vijai Lilliah, along with Stanley Raj and Frank Singh, lauded the organization’s efforts over the past 40 years and its members’ commitment and dedication under Ralph Tamesh’s leadership.

President Tamesh, in his “State of the Union” address to the gathering, noted the many accomplishments of the organization, which started in 1984 with the Late Rudra Nauth as its first President, noting that the organization depended on the very generous donations from the community-at-large and coupled with the commitment of its members were responsible for the project successes of the ICF. The projects completed during the past two years were the refurbishment of the Guyana Blind Institute in Georgetown, Guyana, the refinishing and outfitting of the morgue at the Port Mourant Hospital, and the outfitting of the maternity ward at the Leguan Hospital. They were among the more significant recent projects undertaken by the ICF.

The ICF has also assisted residents of the Caribbean community in New York. Following the displacement of several families as a result of a massive fire in the Richmond Hill area of Queens, the organization stepped in with financial assistance for the families left homeless. The ICF’s annual Thanksgiving Day lunch and Valentine’s Day brunch for the residents of several senior citizen homes in the Boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn were also highlights of President Tamesh’s report. He shared with members and guests the fundraising successes of the organization’s bus rides and drive-by barbecues, outlining where the organization’s efforts resulted in a revenue loss or gain in the true spirit of transparency.
Eventually, it was time for the business at hand – the election of the officers for the 2024-2026 cycle. There were only two new members to the Executive group – Sangita Seetaram, Secretary, replacing Vanessa Matura, and Pamela Persaud, Treasurer, replacing Khyume Khan, who resigned before the elections because of his work commitments with the New York Police Department. President Ralph Tamesh, Vice President Dr. Vijai Lillian, and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Radika Olarte retained their positions as part of the Executive arm.

Lilly Lilliah, Sunita Sukhram, and Deocalli Ramnarine joined Jasorda Thakoordeen, Son Son Sonipersaud, Sabrina Dyal, Vanessa Matura, Yvonne Singh, Anoop Dhanpat, and Shanta Sookram as Committee Members. Capil Seetaram joined Stanley Raj, Frank Singh, and John Aaron on the ICF’s Board of Directors.

The evening culminated with another successful and uneventful election cycle, topped only by the sumptuous dinner and an array of desserts for all in attendance.
The new additions to the organization’s administrative roster and growing list of members each thanked the ICF members for the faith and confidence demonstrated in entrusting them with the organization’s administration for the next two years.