Queens Woman Driving Around NYC to Feed the Hungry

Sherry Williams

By Leon Suseran

Sherry Williams drives around our communities across NYC, hoping to find homeless and hungry people on the streets, especially at nights, to feed. She related to me that she has been doing this kid of work for the past 18 years and feels good to know that she made an effort to put food in someone’s stomach.

I followed her during one of her recent drive- about last Friday evening. She distributed several boxes of cooked food along Liberty Avenue and then jumped back into her truck—destination: Jamaica- Van Wyck Subway station upstairs. There are always several homeless and hungry persons there.

While stating that her work began with groups several years ago, she has since gone solo to help the poor.

“I help the people in need—the homeless in Richmond Hill, I’ve done lots of charity in my life,” she added. Williams reached out to me earlier that day after she saw a video of a large housefire in Richmond Hill. She offered food to anyone there at or around the fire scene that may have been hungry.

“I already gave out 50 boxes of cooked food, hot dogs, milk, soda, juice—all that stuff, “she added. It should be noted that Williams receives donations from friends and other benefactors who allow her to reach out to the poor.

“It’s all donated by different people—so whatever extra they have, they deliver it to my house—load it up in my vehicle and I give it out,” she added.

“I have cooked food, canned stuff, halal food..” She also volunteers every Friday at 121 St and Liberty Avenue at Christine Pantry from 11am- 2pm. They serve around 350 persons each week.

At a time when NYC continues to feel the social impact of the coronavirus, we continue to depend on good- hearted persons like Sherry who not only collects food to help others, she goes out and actually takes it into their hands—she goes directly to the source. She says she does not do it for fame and for the good name it brings, however I told her it is good for persons to know what others are doing out there, especially since it can inspire more to do the same.

Williams is appealing to anyone in need to make contact with her. She is at 121st St and Liberty ave every Friday from 11am-2pm