Prime Minister Urges Guyanese to Closely Monitor Electoral Process


GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has urged citizens to pay close attention to the electoral process as the house-to-house registration period comes to an end this Saturday.

The Guyana Elections Commission has indicated that the data gathered from the house-to-house registration exercise will be merged with the existing National Register of Registrants and a preliminary voters’ list will then be produced allowing for a claims and objections period.

Nagamootoo, who was speaking at a government meeting late Wednesday said those persons who are still to be registered should ensure they get registered in the final days of the exercise.

He said when the Preliminary Voters’ List is published, persons need to check the list to ensure that their names are on it.

“If your name is not on the preliminary voters’ list, you will make a claim that I want my name to be on the list. If you see somebody’s name who is not suppose to be on that list, your neighbour, you see a name but you know the neighbour died, then you make an objection that that name shouldn’t be there.”

The Prime Minister noted that the Government has accepted the decision of the Elections Commission to shorten the time for house-to-house registration. He said the process has not been scrapped but rather it has been shortened, and citizens should be wary of those who are trying to create the impression that information from the registration exercise will not be used.

According Nagamootoo , “those people who are peddling to you the line that the line that the voter house to house registration is scrapped is a lie, do not fall for to that. It has not come to an end, the period is shortened”.

The Guyana Elections Commission has announced that in the final days of the registration exercise, its field staff will be working longer hours to get persons registered. – CMC