President Ali Shares Message of Love, Unity and Peace


Says Guyanese are One Big Family and a Melting Pot of Culture and Diversity

Article/Photos Courtesy of Department of Information, Guyana (DPI)

The Annual Christmas Village was officially launched on Friday and President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali continues to spread his message of peace, love and unity among Guyanese.

While delivering the feature address for the evening, President Ali said the event celebrates the uniqueness and identity of Guyanese.

“Christmas and this season are reminders that we all have the ability, to love and care. We all have the ability to give and lift up. I want us as a people to be united in cause and united in purpose…to use this holiday season as another opportunity to renew ourselves and renew our spirit in lifting each other up… promoting each other…in caring and giving,” the president said.

He noted the importance of making the necessary changes so that the children can have a brighter future.

“The pain of one must be the pain of all. The circumstances of one must be the concern of all. If we understand that together we share a singular responsibility to be good to each other, to be good human beings, then I’m sure that all of us will be great Guyanese…all of us will work to uplift each other,” he noted.

The president said that with life, there is hope and the fulfilment of purpose.
The country’s leader also reiterated the government’s commitment to working with everyone to build a society that is fair.

“In this government, we are committed to working with every single group. We are committed to making the necessary changes. We are committed to ensuring that we build an economy and a society that is fair…that is just, that delivers to every family, the same way that it delivers to my family, to the prime minister’s family,” President Ali said.
He noted that the government is committed to building a country where prosperity and hope will reach every citizen.

The head of state added that with the signing of the Carbon Credit Agreement, Guyana showed the world that it is also a leader in environmental matters.

“We did it with a clear vision. We did it with a strong sense of purpose. We did it because we believe in this Guyana that would stand on the varied platforms…a Guyana that will be a shining light but this shining light must be supported by citizens who are stars not falling but stars shining… stars overwhelming the darkness…stars lifting up around the moon and around the sunshine,” he said.

Dr Ali expressed that the country must be resilient and one that can demonstrate hope through actions and behavior.

“A country that can demonstrate unity, through the way we treat each other…That is the country that we must build and it does not take money to build that. It does not take richness to build that. It takes a pure heart. It takes a clear conscience. It takes a full understanding and appreciation for who we are as humans…created equally.

“As Guyanese, there is only one journey that will secure us as a nation. And that journey begins with every single step by every single one of us…that journey must be one in which the little specs of negative energy are erased by positive thinking and positive energy,” he expressed.

President Ali also announced that the village will feature a fun park for one week where Christmas movies will be shown to be enjoyed by the public.

He urged persons to support the small businesses and thanked all who helped in making the Christmas village a success.

The event featured several local artistes, the police force band, children and persons living with disabilities.