Police Detain Gunman Who Held Student Hostage at School


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (Sept 18, 2017) – Trinidad and Tobago police have detained a man who held a secondary school student hostage on Monday at a school in Arima.

Police said that the unidentified man shot at police officers who had responded to the incident at the MIC Technology Centre in O’meara, Arima, but that the suspect had released the girl and surrendered after more officers responded.

Police said that the student, whose name was not disclosed, was unharmed, and that a search is underway for the gun used by the suspect.

Media reports here quoted witnesses as saying that around 9 a.m (local time), the man confronted the female student over a domestic situation outside the gates of the school.

The girl contacted police and when they responded, the suspect allegedly held them in a standoff on the road. The man allegedly pulled a gun and opened fire on the police officers.

The media reports said that the man ran into the school and allegedly held the girl at gun point and that the hostage situation lasted about 15 minutes.

The suspect eventually surrendered. – CMC