Phagwah Concert Thrills the Community

The crowds came out as far as the eyes could see!

By Dr Dhanpaul Narine

We had to wait two years to take to the streets again. When we did, the exuberance was amazing. People came from all walks of life to celebrate Holi, or Phagwah. Songs, dances, powder in the air, and in the sunshine, added to the sparkle.When the chill arrived, people hardly noticed.

The Phagwah Parade Committee of New York has much to be proud about. The Concert was held in Liberty Avenue, Little Guyana, the heart of the Indo-Caribbean community. It was a trail that was blazed by Lakshmee Singh from the Diwali Motorcade.

Matajis Champa Singh, Chandrawattie Persaud, and Sona Balli were honored at the event as was Dr. Vindhya Persaud, from the Government of Guyana.

The setting proved to be right for the Holi festivities. There were politicians, the honoring of inspirational mothers, and a visit by the Mayor of New York, Eric Adams.

Mayor Adams praised the community and promised to work closely with it. One of the calls was for Diwali to be a school holiday and we know that this has the support of the Mayor. The Phagwah Concert has opened the community to new possibilities, and a re-routing of the Parade, and Concert, is something to consider. We present pictorial highlights in this special profile of Phagwah 2022. Subh Holi.

Members of the Committee with New York City finest!
Dr. Vindhya Persaud (extreme right) Minister of Human Services and Social Security, represented the Government of Guyana.
Officer Singh and Attorney Todd Greenberg enjoy the Phagwah Concert.
Senator Roxanne Persaud, and Queens Borough President, Donovan Richards brought greetings at the Phagwah Concert.
Urvashee Kissoon, from the Arya Spiritual Center, lights up Liberty Avenue with her invocation dance.
The stage performance was captivating
The message of Holi is kept alive by members of the United Madrassi Association.
Ukraine made its presence felt on Liberty Avenue and found local support