Pandit Ubraj Narine Replaces Chase-Green as Mayor of Georgetown

NEW CITY MAYOR: Pandit Ubraj Narine

GUYANA – APNU Councillor Ubraj Narine, a pandit (Hindu priest) is the new Mayor of Georgetown. He replaces fellow APNU member Patricia Chase-Green.

Narine, who won Constituency One (Kingston East and West, Thomas Lands, Nonpareil Park, Cummingsburg, Alberttown and Queenstown) at the November 12th local polls, was elected when the new councillors of the municipality met on Friday, the Stabroek News reported.

Narine’s election was a mere formality as he received unanimous support from his fellow APNU councillors, who hold 21 of the 30 council seats. He was nominated by fellow APNU Councillor Ivelaw Henry, with incumbent mayor Patricia Chase-Green seconding the nomination, the Stabroek News said.

One other valid nomination was received in favour of Bishram Kuppen, of the PPP/C, but he only received the votes of the PPP/C Councillors present.

An attempt by the AFC to nominate Michael Leonard as Mayor failed as its two seats were not enough to field a nomination, the newspaper reported.

The two AFC Councillors subsequently abstained during the voting.

APNU’s Alfred Mentore was later duly elected as Deputy Mayor. They will by law take up their posts on January 1st, according to the Stabroek News.