Pandemic Stirs Richmond Hill Man to Start Making Local Guyanese Delicacies Along Liberty Avenue


By Leon Suseran

As Liberty Avenue continues to evolve over the years in the promotion of the culture of our Guyanese people, so does its offerings. More and more of our Guyanese people are finding more innovative ways and means to market authentic Guyanese products especially those hard to find.

Dennis Khublall is one of those persons. Hailing from Zeelugt on the West Coast of Demerara, Khublall now has a small but significant presence on Liberty Avenue just by 124 Street. He is offering fresh- made coconut choka, Baigan choka, mango achar, dhal puri, pholourie, Bara, baiganee, lime skin- pepper  sauce, curried mango, oil roti and several other Guyanese delicacies. I caught up with Khublall recently on the Avenue and was attracted to his little establishment by the strong aroma of the achar emanating from his pop-up stall.

He also has pera, metal, sugar cake and other sweet stuff from time to time. When asked what influenced him to start making and marketing such items in Liberty Avenue, he said that after the pandemic began, his finances started to dwindle, “so I try to do something”.

When I asked him why such products, he said these items are sometimes not prepared fresh, but he has them prepared fresh and nice for customers. “You don’t get it fresh, so I decided to come out with something fresh”. “You get it coming from Guyana and so but it is months in the freezer…so I decide to come up with this I know I could make it fresh and give the people”

While giving me a tour of his little operation, he showed me a refrigerator containing wiri-wiri pepper, baigan choka, grated coconut, coconut choka, etc”

He revealed too that his prices are “reasonable”.

The items are placed in nice little small dishes. There’s also large and small baigan choka, and lime-skin pepper sauce. As he opened each dish for me to see, the aroma, the smell, of Guyana, everything looked and smelled so fresh. I felt like I was in Guyana for a brief moment. He continued to open the different dishes including the coconut choka in ball- form.

Khublall stated that he has done all the hard work and is offering a quick and easy product for our community.

Dennis Khublall may be contacted at 347-357-6934 and he makes all the goodies at his home at 143-18 102 Avenue, Queens NY.

So next time you’re passing along on Liberty Avenue, make sure you check our Dennis Guyanese Home Made Cooking, and if you cannot locate him, the aroma and scents in the air around where he is located will surely draw you near.