‘Never Will I Forget’


We all live two very different lives each and every day. We work and we also live our personal lives.

”Never Will I Forget ” depicts a story to offer healing. The firefighter represents a vision of hope, bravery, calmness, a sense that things will be under control.

The fairy tale is real, the passion is everlasting. It’s intoxicating to see their love without imagining it as your own – the love you share with your own loved ones. Look at the way she looks at him; it makes an imprint in your heart. See the way he smiles; snap a photo into your mind. They fall perfectly into each others arms – the way you feel with your special someone. Their embrace gives you safety, a calmness as your head rests on their chest you hear their heartbeat and it syncs with yours you become one. You never want to leave that beautiful moment of that paradise that calmness its transcending.

Life is short; nothing lasts forever, but through these imprints the person’s legacy can live on. A new morning means you have another chance at making the best it can be, to use these beautiful imprints, these pure symbols of joy and love that you were able to experience with your loved one, to push you forward, to give you strength. You don’t realize it but you were given beautiful evergreen moments to cherish; they are worth more then anything in this world. Be the hero, enter the fray. Save as many as you can with your humbleness, with your perseverance, knowing that through your loved ones they offer you something to the world. You just wish you had more time with them but understand that they would never want you to be hurting. They loved you and only wanted the very best for you, so use these precious memories and go out into the world and celebrate their life, their legacy with honor with pride and make a difference in someone’s life so that they too may have special imprints that they stow away in their heart and mind like a trinket box, safe forever.

She stares at his picture glowing with overwhelming peace. My friend, my partner, lover, husband, wife, daughter, son, grandparent no matter who they were to you they were a part of your life and they were a real life hero. Everything they worked so hard to achieve for their dreams to build will be wasted you think, but they wouldn’t want this. See their reflection in your memories, in you, and understand they brought out the best in you and never the worst. So through them be yourself again, live again. Just be you, be you. Be the best you there ever could be. There will be a tomorrow and time can never stand still. We can’t remain depressed in the past. We must rise in our future healed and help others along the way. NEVER WILL I FORGET.

‘Never Will I Forget’ is directed by Melissa Singh Khan.
Produced by: Western World Film Productions
Lead Actor: Handsome Bollywood Actor Aric Diamani
Lead Actress: Sakshi Malhotra
The pair deliver the true sense of love through their intense emotional portrayal of their characters.These two actors are truelly the soul of this beautiful evergreen album Never Will I Forget
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English version – DJ Fawad, Koll, Shubham Sundaram, Dan Perry, Mishika Verma, Rose Hudson

Hindi Sufi version – DJ Fawad, Shubham Sundaram, Dan Perry, Rose Hudson, Shahzad Ali and Pallak Ranka


This promotional article was submitted by Melissa Singh Khan of Western World Film Productions.