Murder Suicide in Mahaica: Woman Stabbed to Death, Estranged Husband Commits Suicide

Deomattie Persaud and Bishwanie Maraj

GUYANA (STABROEK NEWS) — A young mother of two was on Thursday morning stabbed to death at Belmont, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara, by her estranged husband, who later ingested a poisonous substance and succumbed.

Dead are Deomattie Persaud, called Kalvina, 23, who was a housewife, and Bishwanie Maraj, 43, a farmer and fisherman, of Lot 34 Belmont, Mahaica, who carried out the attack in front of his yard around 9.30 am.

Maraj succumbed sometime around 4.30 pm, a relative confirmed.

The couple had been together for eight years but Persaud recently moved out of the home.
Police, in a statement, said Persaud returned in a taxi on Thursday to take the children to school and was attacked. “The suspect pulled her out of the car, stabbed her multiple times about her body, returned to the house and drank a liquid substance from a bottle,” the statement explained.

Shamdai Punu, Persaud’s mother, was trying to make sense of the tragedy in the aftermath on Thursday.

The woman, who appeared to be in a daze, recounted that she was in disbelief when she was told what had happened.

“When me get the message, me nah believe. I was at work when I get called and them said she dead but me nah believe…,” she recalled.

She explained that after receiving the message, she hurried to the scene, where she found her daughter’s lifeless body on the ground, covered by a sheet.
Punu explained that her daughter had moved out of the house approximately a month ago and was staying with her sister at Leonora, West Coast Demerara.

“She come back yesterday (Thursday) to collect them children in a taxi, and from what the taxi driver tell we, is that Bishwanie pulled her out of the car and stabbed her,” she recounted.

According to Punu, the driver attempted to save her daughter but he failed after Maraj turned and attempted to attack him.

“He [the driver] said he had to run because Bishwanie tried to stab he too,” she explained.

Neighbour Aubrey Mayers said he heard a commotion and upon checking he saw Persaud being attacked.

“I go over and try to assist and pull him away and he left and go back in the yard and lean a bottle to his mouth. I was trying to assist her but same time I see he lean something to his mouth and I ran in the yard behind him but he done drink it,” a visibly-shaken Mayers said. The man said that he had previously heard quarrels between the two. “I tried to do my best as a neighbour. They would quarrel but I never see if he beat her or anything. You would hear them quarreling. Only the other day, I talk to him about his life and things like this happens… What happen today is just sad,” Mayers lamented. – (