Massive Pro-Palestinian Protest held in New York City

A group calling for resistance until Palestinians return to the land they were exiled from.

By Chaitram Aklu

As of October 26, 2023, 1,405 killed and at least 5,431 injured, and over 200 taken hostages in Israel; 7,326 have been killed and 18,967 in Gaza; 108 killed and at least 1,900 injured in the Occupied West Bank according to daily updates from and the bombing of the Gaza Strip continues.

A group called for the return of a United Palestine.

On Thursday afternoon October 26, 2023at a huge peaceful Pro-Palestinian protest rally on Wall Street, in New York City, a wide cross section of New Yorkers of various ethnic origins, nationalities and religions attended to make their voices heard and calling for an end to the war. Protesters began assembling at the now well-known Zuccotti Park and marched the few blocks to Wall Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange where additional police presence was established from early afternoon.

They marched from Zucccotti Park where they assembled to Wall Street
outside the New York Stock Exchange.

There were chants condemning the President, Israel, the New York Governor and the NYC Mayor. There were no chants of support or signs supporting Hamas. There was drumming and flag waving in addition to numerous signs. (All Photos by C. Aklu)

A protester’s sign reads: “Never Again to Any People Free Palestine.”
Her Message: “The U.S. can’t feed the poor but it can fund Apartheid.”
A woman stood silent with her message calling for an End U.S. Funded Genocide.