Man Jumps to his Death off Pedestrian Overpass

The pedestrian overpass at Diamond, East Bank Demerara. (Photo courtesy: Stabroek News)

At Diamond, East Bank Demerara

GUYANA – A 40-year-old Grove, East Bank Demerara, man died on Saturday after he jumped off the pedestrian overpass, still under construction on the Diamond Public Road.

Moments earlier, the man – Navin Surujpaul – had gone to the nearby Diamond Diagnostic Centre for treatment for a minor cut.

Medical staff at the facility said the man caused havoc at the institution and threatened staff members.

According to sources at the hospital, it was just after 3 o’ clock on Saturday afternoon that he showed up at the hospital with a small cut at the back of his neck.
He was in a drunken state and shouted at the nurses, while complaining that someone was following him.

As he was taken to one of the dressing rooms, the man grabbed hospital equipment and supplies and started hurling it at the nurses and other medical staff.

The confused and scared medical team summoned security as Surujpaul threw down tables and chairs and medical equipment.

The man reportedly threw down tables and chairs and hurled medical equipment at hospital staff. (Photo courtesy: News Source Guyana)

The source explained that as the security officers came to the aid of the medical team, the man bolted from the room and hospital compound and ran straight to the overpass.

Once there, he rushed through the cordoned off area on the stairway of the overpass and jumped from one of the platforms of the same overpass.

Construction workers rushed him back to the same Diamond hospital, where he died from his injuries.

One relative reported to hospital staff that in addition to consuming alcohol, the man had been “smoking something” which might triggered his behaviour.
A probe has been launched.

The pedestrian overpass is caged and construction workers are now working to secure the stairway before they complete the contract for its opening early in the new year.