Kind-hearted Woman Found Murdered

Ursilla Padarat

Robbery Suspected

GUYANA — Police are investigating the murder of a 68-year-old pensioner, who
was found dead in a sitting position with wounds to her neck and head, at her
Belle West Housing Scheme Home on Wednesday, according to reports.

Ursilla Padarat, also known as ‘Data’, of Masjid Street was discovered around 7
am with what appears to be a stab wound on her neck. She was found by a
neighbor who claimed that she usually cooked for him. The woman was said to
have had a pen and book on her lap at the time she was found.

“She like a mother to me. She tell me last night to come this morning….she had a
septic tank to build. I come this morning and see the gate open,” the man
recounted. “The door was lock from outside and so I bust the door and go in.
When I go in I see she lie down pon the chair and I go and touch she and I say
‘Mama’ and when I watch she I see blood all over she neck…”

On Saturday, the woman celebrated her birthday and was in high spirits, telling
relatives and friends what she would do for her next birthday, according to a
Stabroek News report.

Neighbors were reported by the newspaper as saying that Ursilla was always
giving and kind and whenever she had anything would call out to them as they
were passing on the road to send sweets and other delicacies for their children
and grandchildren and would go as far as inviting people in to have food.

Neighbours told the newspaper that they didn’t hear any sounds coming from the
house at any time during the night. One neighbour said she warned Ursilla
regarding having her gate open late at nights and allowing persons to come over
and watch television.

A nephew who wishes to remain anonymous was reported as saying that his aunt
had received $123,000 from a grandson in New York and that was missing along
with her handbag that the money was believed to be in.

Missing also was a purse she kept on a nearby table along with her phone and the
pair of earrings she was believed to be wearing at the time.