Jagdeo Visits Tiger Bay


Promises to Represent Residents at Every Available Forum

Bharrat Jagdeo, on Monday, met with residents of Tiger Bay, Georgetown
where he listened to their concerns and vowed to represent them at every
available forum.

Jagdeo, who is also the General Secretary of the Peoples Progressive Party
(PPP), has been on a series of outreaches across the country interacting
with residents. The aim is to get an understanding of the struggles of the
ordinary man so the PPP can put pressure on the APNU+AFC Government
to provide assistance.

At Tiger Bay, the residents complained about their living conditions,
specifically, the limited access to water. The residents lamented that
despite promises from the Coalition Administration to improve their access
to water, they still experience significant levels of “dry periods” when they
turn on the taps of their pipes. They said that this impacts on their standard
of living.

Many of the residents also complained about no longer receiving
assistance in getting their house lots. According to them, they received
significant help under the PPP/C Administration to acquire house lots but
the program seemed to grind to a halt under the APNU+AFC Coalition.

Also, they argued that despite all the challenges faced and the constant
invitation to senior Government Officials even the President, David Granger,
no one has visited to listen to their concerns.

As such, the Opposition Leader promised to raise their concerns at every
available forum so as to bring relief to the residence. – (story courtesy of citizensreportgy.com)