‘If You Want the Job Done, Hire a Guyanese,’ Says NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio at Co-Naming Ceremony

New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio says that Guyanese have contributed greatly to the development of New York

By Dhanpaul Narine and Ashook Ramsaran

The Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio said that ‘if you want the job done, hire a Guyanese.’

The Mayor was speaking at the ceremony to unveil the sign that co-named Liberty Avenue as Little Guyana Avenue.

There was much cause for pride and celebration as hundreds braved the rains and turned up to witness the historic moment. It is no secret that Guyanese have made an indelible contribution to the development of Queens, and the City of New York. Their numbers suggest that one is likely to find a Guyanese in every block in South-East Queens. Unofficial estimates say that there are at least 300,000 Guyanese in the New York Metropolitan and tri-State areas.

Its official! Little Guyana Avenue is on the map of New York.

Mayor de Blasio was on point when he said, ‘I am not just Mayor of New York City; I am Mayor of the largest Guyanese community outside of Guyana, and I am proud of that because this community has done so much.’

The signage ‘Little Guyana Avenue’ has instilled much pride in the Guyanese community in New York, and beyond.

We present pictorial highlights of the historic co-naming event.

Guyana’s Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud, brings greetings from President Ali. He wants the diaspora to play a big role in Guyana’s development.
Congressman Gregory Meeks, Ashook Ramsaran and Donovan Richards are delighted with ‘Little Guyana Avenue.’
Guyanese Commissioner Doris is responsible for Small Business Services
Members of the Planning Committee with Councilwoman Adrienne Adams and District Leader Richard David.
Queens Borough President, Donovan Richards, Cloyette Harris-Stoute (Guyana Girls Rock), and Adrienne Adams, Councilwoman for District 28
State Assemblyman Khaleel Anderson said that the co-naming was important to immigrants everywhere
Aminta Kilawan Narine from South Queens Women’s March lauds the pioneers and asks all to work together for a better community
Mohamed Q. Amin from Caribbean Equality Project calls for tolerance and respect in the community
Students Samaya Naraine, Melissa Deoki, Ariana Narine and Ambika Chandra sing the American and Guyana National Anthems
Welcome to Little Guyana Avenue!
Put your hands in the air! Terry Gajraj entertains the crowd.
Happy faces at the co-naming event.
Son Son Sonipersaud belts out a popular ‘Rafi song.’