‘I Have a Vision and Agenda for Equity and Justice’ – Felicia Singh, Candidate for City Council in District 32

Felicia Singh

My name is Felicia Singh, and I am running for City Council in District 32. I am a proud first-generation American and daughter of working-class immigrants.

I was born and raised in Ozone Park in an interfaith and intercultural home. I’m no stranger to the hum of the train above as I walk down the street, or the melodies of different accents and dialects from all over the world as close as my next step to the local store. I grew up surrounded by the very people who are the heartbeat of this city – working-class immigrants from all walks of life, making a home here in pursuit of a better life.

My mother, a school bus matron, is Muslim from Guyana and my father, a taxi driver, is Sikhi from Punjab and For my parents, I was the true test of the American dream, I watched them both work tirelessly to support my dreams, but began to realize there was a severe lack of support for theirs. My American dream quickly became about justice for the communities I held close to my heart. Growing up in Ozone Park, I was constantly surrounded by a mix of cultures, and I learned to navigate those spaces while still learning my own identity. I taught, and continue to teach my immigrant parents how to navigate their own identities within our communities and institutions – especially when they are not created to their advantage. I have learned so much about resilience simply from being the daughter of immigrants to this country. Immigrants and working-class people are the heart and soul of NYC. They kept the city moving, risked their lives during the pandemic, and are deserving of support from the city they trusted with their lives and their children’s lives. It’s time to recognize the value of all people over corporations and profits. Through my work as a teacher, as an advocate for justice within my communities, as a daughter of working-class immigrants, I believe that communities deserve to feel supported by their representatives, and by their city. Together we have the power to vote for real representation – for people who truly know our struggles and our joy. We can build systems that support and celebrate the diversity of our communities. That is why I’m running for office.

It’s our time. It’s always been our time.

In order to pave a path forward, we need to support and fully fund our communities so that we can uplift generations to come. We must think about what support looks like for first-generation students, students from low-income families, and students of color. By breaking down barriers that limit access – like lack of translation services, culturally responsive policies, and needlessly complicated paperwork for support – we can turn our dreams into a reality.  I am ready to build systems and bold policies that work for all of us.

I have a vision and agenda for equity and justice in District 32.

Here are a few of  my priorities:


My top priority is fully funding public schools. I became a teacher because I want our children to live in a world where they are loved, supported, provided with tools to succeed, and an equitable education. We need courageous leaders that have experienced the ways our systems fail our students – leaders who will advocate for bold and integrated policies that ensure we are making a better future for our children. We can provide this by fully funding our schools, expanding Pre-K seats in our district, creating a college and career team at every high school, demanding stronger accountability for disability services and supports for students who are Multi-lingual Language Learners, and advocating for free CUNY undergraduate tuition for any NYC student.

Climate Change and Environmental Resiliency:  

Our district is especially vulnerable to heat and coastal flooding, and we must take the climate crisis seriously. I am the candidate with the understanding to teach, innovate, and create bold policy to protect our communities.  My agenda includes investing in education through an inclusive K -12 curriculum teaching students about the climate crisis and protecting our environment, and also enacting policies like mandating city agencies collaborate with communities on infrastructure changes and building resilience. My campaign is the race that has been endorsed by two climate action organizations, Sunrise Movement NYC, a youth-led organization, and Resilience PAC, a committee led by experts in Urban Planning, Climate Policy, Communications, and Resilience.

Protect Small Businesses and Workers:

Growing up in District 32 my entire life, I’ve seen business after business open and fail due to lack of support. Now more than ever, our mom-and-pop businesses need our help.

We must cut small business fees and provide support for grants and other financial services, including providing translation. Living in a district that is considered a transportation desert, it is incredibly important to have access to stores that provide basic needs for the community. Along with supporting small businesses, we need to protect workers – including gig workers. As the daughter of a taxi driver, I know that support is desperately needed. A living wage, job access and business development go hand in hand.

We deserve true representation in City Hall. I am the candidate who can flip District 32 from red to blue. I will fight for your family like I am fighting for my own in City Hall.

To learn more about my platform and get involved, visit us at www.felicia2021.com

I’m asking for your vote on June 22nd. Vote Felicia Singh as your #1 choice on June 22nd.