Guyanese Self-proclaimed ‘Bishop’ Arrested for Wife’s Murder in Trinidad


PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Police are questioning a self-proclaimed ‘bishop’ in connection with the murder of his 42-year-old wife, also a pastor, who was stabbed to death last weekend in Longdenville, Central Trinidad.

Reports are that the man, Melroy Corbin, stabbed his wife, Alisa Ali aka “Mother Alisa”, during an argument. The man was arrested at a friend’s home in the twin-island republic.

According to the Police, Alisa, a Baptist religious leader and mother of two, was stabbed in the face and chest and died at a hospital.

Corbin who migrated to Trinidad from Guyana several years ago, and Alisa, according to reports, operated a religious organisation in Trinidad that performed various types of rituals for persons who were willing to pay.

The relative said after the two got married a few years ago, the man’s relatives stayed away from them because of the work that they were involved in.

The relative, according to a News Source Guyana, report, is convinced that it might be a case of their own “work firing back on them”, since the man was never known to be a violent person.

Just last week, the woman changed her Facebook photograph with a poster with the words “Keep Calm. Remember Obeah Kills”.

Corbin is a former boxer who lived and grew up in Linden before moving to Trinidad and Tobago.

According to the press in Trinidad, the couple got into an argument on Saturday night and Corbin repeatedly stabbed the woman until she collapsed. A young grandchild witnessed the entire incident.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday night at the home of one of his friends.