Guyanese Duo Opens Pizzeria on Liberty Avenue


By Leon Suseran

Central Liberty Avenue is popular for its West Indian offerings of food, drinks an almost everything Guyanese but now there is something new: authentic Italian pizza.

Two business partners — Mark Singh of Stratshphey, ECD and Timothy Ramdeen, of Meadowbank, WCD have put their heads together to make this happen. The pizzeria is located within the same space as Tastewell Bakery. The pizza section opened recently.

Speaking last weekend from the shop, Ramdeen related that they wanted to open something different in the community.

Mark Singh and Timothy Ramdeen

“We wanted to come up with something different than the every day stuff, so we added pizza to the bakery—to bring back a tradition from the past to the West Indian community,” Ramdeed said. He added they serve the finest ingredients and are strictly halall.

He made mention of his “100 per cent Italian” chef Lorenzo, who makes every pizza from scratch and using on the finest ingredients.

The duo knows that their pizza shop is located at a unique spot in the area which is referred to by many as ‘Little Guyana’, and “we’re using genuine, fine Italian products—100% halal and no pork—so it’s nothing but the best we’re offering.”

Ramdeen also thanked the community in Richmond Hill for the great support Tastewell Bakery has received over the past years.

The shop opens Monday- Saturday 9am-8pm and Sundays, 8am-7pm. Those hours are tentative and based on the community demand.

Mark Singh, co- owner of Tastewell Bakery, also thanked the community for support during the past 15 years.

He mentioned that Tastewell is well known for its bread and pastries—“freshly baked daily on the premises.”

Some of the flavors at Pizza Haven include: Margarita, Plain, Buffalo Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Chicken- turkey bacon halal, Chicken Parm, Grandma, Brooklyn, Sicilian, White, and featuring their Cheeseburger pizza—which replicates the taste of the McDonald’s Big Mac. He also showcased the Queens slice—as in the NYC borough of Queens.

They also offer zeppolis, baked pasta, garlic knots, all types of salads, pin wheels, specialty pies, calzone and rolls, hero, pasta and a whole host of starters and entrees. They also do catering as special packages are available.

The entity also offers delivery via UberEats and GrubHub as well as free private delivery for a minimum of $15 purchase. So next time you’re on Liberty Avenue, and you feel like having something different than the regular West Indian cuisine, you may check out Tastewell Bakery Pizza Haven at 123- 03 Liberty Avenue or contact them at 347-561-9526.