Guyana Objects to a Map of Suriname Including Parts of Guyana


GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Guyana has asked Suriname to remove from the records a map showing a part of the country included in the document released by Suriname.

“The inclusion of Guyana’s sovereign territory in the map is contrary to the internationally recognised jurisdictions of Guyana and Suriname and, is clearly a breach of international protocol,” said Foreign Service Officer, Royston Alkin.

A government news release noted that the issue arose during a power point presentation by the Surinamese delegation at the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO) regional meeting is being held in Lethem to discuss indigenous health in border regions of Guyana, Suriname, and Brazil.

The release noted that during the presentation it was observed that the New River Triangle was included on the map.

The release said that this area is located between the tributaries of the Corentyne River in southern Guyana and is about 3,000 square miles or 15,600 square kilometers.

Alkins noted that Guyana and Suriname enjoy very good relations and Guyana remains committed to working with Suriname to strengthen this relationship.

He said this is not the first time that Guyana have had to express these concerns in an ACTO forum, and once again it was urging Suriname to desist from the breaches of international protocols.

“We also call upon the organisation to have the document expunged from the records,” he told the gathering, adding that the record of the meeting should “faithfully” reflect the concerns as expressed by Guyana. – CMC