Government Considers Using Drones to Monitor Airspace


GEORGETOWN, Guyana (Sept. 9, 2017) – The Government of Guyana says it is considering the use of drone technology to effectively monitor the country’s airspace.

According to Minister of State Joseph Harmon,a unit will be established to manage the drones, and ensure strict surveillance of the airspace.

“Drone technology is where the world is going and we have been utilising some commercial ones for certain limited use, but we are exploring more the harder type drones that can stay in the air for longer periods of time and that can give you more accurate readings…so we are actively considering it,” the minister explained.

dronessHarmon added that this system will cover more terrain and reduce the number of troops or personnel required to patrol on the ground. It will also give coverage of areas otherwise inaccessible.

Companies have already made proposals to the government, to provide advanced drone technology to the country.

It is anticipated that the initiative will be part of the administration’s budget approach to be used by the Guyana Defence Force.

Once implemented, it will put Guyana’s level of compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) on par with the rest of the region.

Harmon says this will give the country “eyes and ears” in our air space and will also strengthen the process of making accident reports available to all stakeholders. – CMC