Globespan 24×7: Broadcast and Media Company Focusing on Politics, Social and Community Issues


Globespan 24×7 is a broadcasting and media company established to provide homes and families with information, news and round table forums focusing on politics, social and community issues.

Globespan 24×7 has been broadcasting town hall forums and meetings for the past few months, with several successfully completed programs covering topics including: Crime and National Security, the State of the Economy and Business in Guyana, Reasons for Constitutional Reform, and Race and Politics.

These topics have garnished over 102,000 views, with 3,535 comments on Facebook Live during the airing. The views and comments continue to increase after the program on GlobeSpan24x7 Facebook page, where the videos are still available. The audience hail mainly from Guyana, the US, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean.

Globespan 24×7 has had the pleasure of hosting guest speakers that included Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister Dominic Gaskin, former Attorney General Anil Nandall, Dr. David Hinds, TnT former PM Hon. Basdeo Panday, Mr. Bishop Edghill, Mr. Ruel Johnson , Mr. Ralph Ramkarran, and Dr. Batyoram Ramharach to name some.

“Globespan’s objective is to have all sides and multiple views simultaneously on one platform. This can result in a wider understanding of each other concerns, which can lead to National Unity,” stated Nohar Singh, the promoter of the program.

The People Politics which commences at 2pm EST every Saturday has been so successful that Globespan 24×7 will be adding topics such as Women Forums at 12 noon. On March 9, the topic for women will be, Women Unite: #Speak Up, It’s your Right!

One such forum aired about a month ago was Letting Go of the Past, with Pastor Lisa Singh, Dianne Madray and Tracey Khan. We are looking forward to expanding our programs by adding more topics focusing on Women’s Role, the Community and Social Events. These programs will commence at 12 noon EST, and run for one (1) hour, before our preempted highlighted topic at 2pm, “The People Politics”.

The public is invited to attend our live online airings and participate with questions or by logging onto Facebook Live or YouTube×7 this and every Saturday from 12 noon, and again at 2 pm, be inspired, contribute to the conversation or learn something new, whatever your views all are welcome to join in and be a part of each and every forum.