‘Family Man’ Bludgeoned to Death With Sledgehammer, Throat Slit


Police Rule Out Robbery

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD — A 27-year-old Rio Claro hose fabricator was brutally murdered during a home invasion early Wednesday morning. Police have ruled out robbery.

Larry Garcia, 27, was found with his head bashed in, according to reports. The Trinidad Express reported that his killers used a sledgehammer on his head and another tool which Garcia kept in his workshop to slit his throat.

His workshop was downstairs of his residence on Cadiz Street, Ecclesville. Police were told Garcia’s AD wagon was stolen by the killers.

“I pray I get justice,” Garcia’s distraught mother was reported by the Express as telling reporters, as she wept.

Police said Garcia, who neighbors described as a “good family man”, was sleeping at home with his wife and child when around 5 am, three masked men entered the premises.

The Trinidad Guardian on Thursday reported that Police said they were baffled when they were called to investigate the murder.

Garcia, was dragged off his bed by his killers. As he fought with the men, his wife grabbed her son and locked herself in another room and contacted Garcia’s brother.

The victim’s mother told the T&T Guardian her other son rescued Garcia’s wife and son through another door in the pouring rain.

One of the killers had taken up Garcia’s sledgehammer from his workshop and smashed it on his head and torso several times.

They then dragged him into the workshop and cut his throat. Before leaving, they stole a sum of money from the house and drove off in Garcia’s white Nissan AD Wagon. The vehicle was found abandoned a few streets away, the Guardian reported.

Garcia’s mother said her son was well known as a hard worker, who split his time between church, family, work and gardening. Police also said robbery did not appear to be the motive.