Empire Cricket Club Ready for NYNCL 2023 Season

From left to right: Kissoon Dhanraj, Brandon Cabose, Josh Dhanraj and Samuel Mahabir.

With the winter season coming to a close and warmer temperatures forecasted, this can only mean one thing, CRICKET SEASON IS HERE.

New York State is home to hundreds of cricketing teams that compete each year for top honors. This could not be more so than for the teams who will be competing in the New York National Cricket League that is set to bowl off on April 23rd, 2023.

The 2023 Season will see the entry of the Empire Cricket Club who are set to take center stage in the NYNCL Premier Division 40 Overs Competition. Empire Cricket Club announced their arrival in November 2022 and is owned by local cricketers Samuel Mahabir and Brandon Cabose. Since the launch of the team, Empire CC has been turning heads thanks to their aggressive marketing style. Something that has been lacking in game here in New York for a very long time. Such marketing exploits paid great dividend as the team secured several sponsorship deals from various local business in the Queens Boro, who pledged tremendous support towards the new team. One such sponsorship acquisition was the announcement of one of New York’s most trusted real estate firms in SkyPort Homes LLC being named as the premier sponsor of the team. In an interview with the management team of Empire CC, it was expressed of the great gratitude towards all of their sponsors, especially that of Mr. Kissoon Dhanraj and the SkyPort Homes LLC team.

While the marketing side of the team has been top notched. This can also be said for the team’s roster with several announcements being made of confirmed players who will make up the squad. One Such announcement is that of former West Indies International and Guyana Opening Batsman, Royston Crandon as Head Coach/Player. Notable mentions within their squad are that of Mario Lobban, the 26 year old pacer from Jamaica, Emanuel Seecharran, Kumar Joseph and Rovin Dusrajh who are current players competing in the US Minor leagues and the US Premier leagues respectively. The squad is also packed with local talent who are all set to take the field when they turn out for the Red Kingdom this summer. When asked to further highlight the make up of the team, it was noted that the team is made up of players from all parts of the world such has Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica and Bangladesh.

Full Squad: Mahendra Persaud, Barry Alphonso, Brandon Saugh, Mahendra Boodram, Kumar Joseph, Brandon Cabose, Samuel Mahabir, Avi Sooraj, Rovin Dusrajh, Mario Lobban, Ahmed Ashfak, Kenley Adams, Emanuel Seecharran, Royston Crandon, Larando Best, Anand Roopnarine, Shawn Roopnarine, Rejaul Rajel, Joash Charles, VijaiSurjpaul, Shahid Khan, Suresh Dhani.