Embracing Another Aspect of Charitable Giving: SDGHM Conducts Medical Outreach at Tuschen and No. 56 Village in Guyana

Outreach at Tuschen, West Coast Demerara, Guyana

By Dr Tara Singh

As part of its humanitarian mission outreach to Guyana and elsewhere, the New York based NGO, Shri Devi Global Humanitarian Mission (SDGHM) has recently conducted a medical outreach for the first time in Guyana at Tuschen South Shiva Mandir, West Coast Demerara on Friday, June 09, 2023.

This project was conducted in partnership with the West Demerara Regional Hospital Medical Outreach team and was led by Regional Health Officer (RHO) Dr Erica Forte. The other medical outreach was conducted on June 7, 2023 at No. 56 Shiv Shakti Mandir that was built by Dharmacharya Laldharry Seerattan. That Corentyne project was led by RHO Dr Vishala Sharma.


The outreach projects were conceived by well know community and humanitarian leader, Pt Tillack Seerattan Maharaj, who is also the spiritual leader of the Shri Devi Mandir in Jamaica, Queens, New York. At the Tuschen outreach 150 people, including children, benefited from the medical outreach. Services include general doctor consultation; ear, nose, and throat examinations; specialist consultations; Immunization; physiotherapy; optometry; dentistry; pharmacy; and pediatric care. A blood drive was also conducted. Free blood pressure kits and glucometers were distributed to those in need.

Pt Seerattan expresses his immense debt of gratitude to the following members of the Tuschen medical outreach team: Dr LesnaidaYudith (Enterology); Ms. Marcia Baker & Ms. Porter ( Dentistry); Dr Aruni Shamnarine, Ms. Sharon Miranjie (Physiotherapy); Ms. Aliyah Phillips, Ms. Reenewka Persaud (Optometry; Dr Nateram Singh (Pediatric); Nurse Sharon Reddy, Nurse Trecia Trotz (Immunization); Nurse Jonathan Vyfhuis, Nurse Romeeza Baksh, Nurse Sabrina Critchlow (Triage); Dr Nateram Singh, Dr Yanique Chung, Dr Annameika Dhaniram (General Doctors); Nurse Dolly Softley, Mr. Revin Chandrabose (Pharmacy); Ms. Melissa Thomas, Ms. Mary Ann Forde (Blood Bank). Similar commendation was accorded the No- 56 village medical team.

At the Corentyne outreach, the team was welcomed by Dr Vishwa Mahadeo, who represented Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony. Dr Mahadeo praised the SDGHM for their outstanding effort. The New York team comprised Pt Tillack Seerattan Maharaj (President), Silochni (Secretary), Munnideo (Vice President), Meenawattie (Asst Secretary), and Karamchand (Committee Member). The team conducted glucose and blood pressure testing, offered free medical consultation and counseling, and donated blood pressure and Glucometer kits. They examined 85 people for various health issues. That outreach was led by Dr Ramsammy of Skeldon Hospital.


The New York-based team has been working in Guyana over the past 20 years conducting charitable work, including medical outreaches such as hosting community health fairs, and blood drives. They also conduct feeding programs and distribute food hampers to disadvantaged groups. SDGHM has conducted several food hamper projects in Guyana that benefitted disadvantaged neighborhoods as well as donated computers and tablets to children in the Corentyne area.

SDGHM has a great record of accomplishment in humanitarian work that covers other countries, such as Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, and India. In New York, they have contributed to the cancer unit at Queens Hospital Center and have donated generously to the floods in various parts of the United States.

The project leader and head of SDGHM, Pt Seerattan notes that the medical outreaches at No. 56 Village and at Tuschen were a grand success and he extends his heartfelt gratitude to the team from West Demerara Regional Hospital and the team from the Corentyne, Including Skeldon Hospital, for their dedicated support and collaboration. He was so moved by the response to both medical outreaches that he vowed: “Guyana can look forward to many more health fairs and charitable work from his organization as he sees this as a way to give back to his country.” The SDGHM team expects to return to Guyana next year to further their humanitarian work.