Two Elderly Women Killed During Robbery


GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Guyana police were on Tuesday searching for the bandits who killed two elderly women, who were found at their home in the capital city of Georgetown with their hands and feet tied and their mouths gagged.

The bodies also bore marks of violence.

Police were called to the white wooden house located at lot 243 South Road and Albert Street, Georgetown, on Tuesday after the two women had not been seen. But when the law enforcement officials broke down the door, they discovered the lifeless bodies of 87-year-old, Constance Fraser and 75-year-old Phyllis Caesar.

Investigators suspect that they may have come face to face with robbers between late Monday night and very early Tuesday morning.

Both women attended the nearby Full Gospel Church, where they served as Sunday school teachers and church members broke down in tears as they rushed across to the house.

Neighbours said that thieves had broken into the ouse just over a month ago and carted off several valuables.

Nearby businesses have surveillance cameras and investigators are hoping that they may assist in the investigations. – CMC