East Indian Diaspora Heritage Committee-New York Honors Pioneering Women


By: Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Women of talent and achievement are aplenty in the Indo-Caribbean community. They bring dedication and innovation on a daily basis. They are to be found in a variety of professions, working beyond the call of duty, walking the extra mile to bring distinction to their professions and to provide for their families. It is most fitting then that we honor these pioneering women, the mothers, daughters and sisters the blaze the trail and lead by example.

The East Indian Diaspora Committee of New York held a function recently to recognize the the contributions and heroism of 25 women. Faiuze Ali coordinated the event. He stated that, “Indo-Caribbean women’s contributions are indelibly etched into Caribbean historiography.”

The honorees were: Geeta Bisram, Denise Baboolall, Mala Samaroo, Pritha Singh, Aminta Kilawan Narine, Indra Hardat, Chandra Morgan, Christina Persaud, Jennifer Bisram, Anuraha Jaslimsing, Shelly Ramanan, Zaimoon Sattaur, Indra Seet, Seeta Panday, the late Sukree Boodram, Mendra Singh, Sooroojnee (Lisa) Edoo, Lakshmee Singh, Karen Goopie, Romanee Kalicharran, Bano Khan Ng Fook, Sally Khusial, the Jahajee Sisters, and Rev. Lynette Singh.

Dr. Vindhya Visini Persaud was a special guest and honoree. She is a doctor and Member of Parliament in Guyana and leads many initiatives to advance the cause of women. It is fitting that the recognition ceremony should take place on the centennial of the abolition of Indian indentureship.

We present pictorial highlights of the award ceremony, thanks to Ram’s Photography and other camera persons. The pages are sponsored by Faiuze Ali from the EIDC-NY and Mendra Singh from Metrocity Real Estate Services Inc.