Criminals Clone Credit Card of Jamaica Top Cop


KINGSTON, Jamaica – A 44-year-old businessman, who used the credit card belonging to the Police Commissioner, Anthony Anderson, to pay for his son’s school fees, is due to re-appear in court on May 1.

A local radio station reported that Earl Hobins had his bail extended when he appeared before the St Andrew Parish Court last Thursday.

He had been charged by the Fraud Squad after J$83,000, procured through the illicit use of Anderson’s credit card, was used to pay his son’s school fee at a prominent high school.

Police said that members of a criminal network had cloned the credit card of the top cop and had stolen more than a one million dollars from his account over a one week period.

The investigations began last month and the police are working on a theory that two people, including a woman created two cloned cards which have been used to purchase appliances, vehicle parts and personal items. – CMC