Community Urges Richard David to Run for New York State Assembly

Richard David (middle row, third from right) with Chairman of the International Center for Democracy (ICD) Fazal (Joe) Yussuf, ICD members and community leaders at a fundraiser on January 10, 2020.

South Ozone Park, New York: On Friday, January 10th, residents in Rosedale and South Ozone Park came together at two events to urge District Leader Richard David to run for the New York State Assembly in District 31.

The seat became vacant on January 1st when former Assembly Member Michele Titus became a judge in Queens Civil Court.

Richard David with his biggest fan, his mom Bibi Nesa

David was elected as a District Leader in Assembly District 31 last summer.
“We know Richard has the community’s support and we need a representative in office that knows and cares about this district. What he needs now is for people to register to vote as Democrats, and we have to fundraise to push the campaign” said Fazal (Joe) Yussuf, Chairperson for the International Center for Democracy.

David previously ran for the City Council in South Ozone Park and lost by a small margin. He’s been on the Community Board for over 10 years, the youngest person on the board. He’s also a Professor at York College where he teaches Indo-Caribbean History.

“I encouraged Richard to run the first time and was right there with him along the way. I’m proud to see the work he’s doing as District Leader and I know that he can do more. My family and I will have his back in the race for the Assembly,” said Jeany Persaud, an education and community activist also a veteran and a Rosedale resident for over 30 years.

Chairman of the International Center for Democracy Fazal (Joe) Yussuf and other members who donated via link.

The two fundraising events raised over $4,500 for the campaign. Campaigns for the New York State Assembly usually cost candidates about $100,000, and since there are no matching funds, we have a long road to go. The primary election will be on June 23rd and the Governor may call a Special Election earlier. To urge Richard to run, to donate, and to show your support, reach out to him on social media or on his website,

“Our community is at a crossroad, and we need someone that can lead us in the right direction. I believe that Richard is the person for the job in Assembly District 31. With a large and diverse community, we need Richard who knows government and is already on the ground doing the work,” said William H. McDonald, a veteran and longtime resident of Springfield Gardens.

Rupe Harricharran, owner of Legend Cookhouse on Rockaway Blvd and members of the
Legend Social Club and Galaxy Cricket Club who collectively raised almost $1,500 for Richard’s campaign.

David has worked at senior levels at three agencies for over a decade. He was a Chief of Staff at the Administration for Children Services, Executive Director of the Department of Consumer Affairs, and Vice President of the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

David’s mother Bibi Nesa said, “Rich has always been passionate about his community and his family. We’ll have the strongest advocate for our needs with him in office.”

ICD and community members breaking bread together.

“I know Richard, and his family. I’m supporting him and I want him to run because he is exactly the kind of person we should be putting in public office, someone we can trust,” said Rupe Harricharran, owner of Legend Cookhouse on Rockaway Blvd. He is also involved with the Legend Social Club and the Galaxy Cricket Club who collectively raised almost $1,500 for Richard’s campaign.

Supporters at an ICD event.
Fazal Yussuf addressing an ICD fundraising for Richard David.