Boy, 5, Crushed to Death by Falling Wall


While Watering His Mother’s Plants

TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — A five-year-old boy was crushed to death by a falling wall at his home in Fyzabad on Sunday morning.

Reports say little Pawaan Granger was watering his mother’s plants, which he loved, when a concrete brick wall fell and crushed him, killing him almost instantly.

The child died in the hands of his father, Mikhail Granger as he rushed him to the Fyzabad Health Centre, for help.

Mikhail said that he was inside the house with his wife, Natasha, when they saw Pawaan walk to the front yard and within minutes heard a crashing noise and saw a portion of a wall to the side of the house on Pawaan’s head.

Preliminary reports suggest that Pawaan suffered a fractured skull and broken neck.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, the boys mother, Natasha Granger, was still recovering from the stillbirth of her fourth child when death returned to her home and took her five-year-old son.

The wailing at the family’s home, the Guardian said, was disheartening as Natasha and her second daughter Preetie clung to each other in a hammock.

“Why he had to go away,” Preetie cried, but there were no answers from her parents who still looked in a state of shock.

Mikhail said that it was around 9 am as he and Natasha sat in the living room talking when they saw Pawaan walked to the front yard.

Within five minutes, they were jolted by a crashing noise and saw a portion of a wall to the side of the house on Pawaan’s head while frozen in a seated position on the ground. He said that by the time they reached the health centre, Pawaan had already died.

“He was an extraordinary child. He might have been a futuristic person; somebody who would have seen things long before as he had a greater understanding of things at his age. He was an extremely intelligent child like his sister,” Mikhail was reported by the Guardian as saying.

He said he believes his wife needed professional counseling as he does not believe he could help her through this type of grief. Natasha said Pawaan loved her plants and would help her take care of them and it is just what he was doing when the wall felt.

Pawaan Granger as a toddler

Pawaan’s grandfather Errol Bunsee, a builder, according to the Guardian, said the wall that fell was not constructed properly as the builders used mortar to bond the fallen wall into another that ran alongside the property.

Mikhail said they met the wall there when the moved into the rented house a year ago. Trained as a mechanic, he was reported by the Guardian as saying he did not know anything about construction to have had an idea that the wall was not properly constructed.

He said the opposite wall was shaking so he warned his family to stay away from it. He said the fallen wall, which holds up a counter, was used by the previous tenants who were caterers.

Pawaan’s teacher at the Siparia Road Presbyterian School said he was a wonderful child, with great potential.