Berbice Police Unveil Holiday Security Plans


GUYANA — The ‘B’ Division (Berbice) Police Force on Wednesday unveiled its 2017 Christmas Policing Plan, which calls for zero tolerance for criminal elements in order to ensure a safe and secure environment for visitors and shoppers during the festive season.

The plans were unveiled in the Regional Health Services Boardroom, Berbice.

Among those present were Commander of ‘B’ Division Linden Alves, Deputy Commander, Superintendent, Edmond Cooper and other senior officers in the Division, Former Mayor of New Amsterdam, Claude Henry, Director of Regional Health, Jevaughn Stephen and representatives of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) and other stakeholders.

Commander Alves, who will be spending his first Christmas in charge of the Division explained that the Christmas Policing Plan entails the division being divided into four sectors and an officer/inspector will oversee each division.

Sector One, Central, from Borlam Turn to Mara will be manned by Assistant Superintendent (A.S.P) M. Vigilance; Sector Two, Borlam Turn to Number 62 Village, by Superintendent Boodnarine Persaud; Sector Three, Abary to Ithaca Village by A.S.P. E. Davidson and Sector Four, Number 62 Village to Moleson Creek by A.S.P. J. Singh.

Also attracting heavy police attention are the main shopping areas and other populated areas and hot spots in New Amsterdam, Rose Hall Town, Springlands and Rosignol, even as, mounted patrols will be active, 24 hours in the backlands

Special arrangements will also be put in place for Christmas Eve and Old Year’s Day to manage traffic, crowd control, late shopping and other social gatherings at a number of locations throughout the Division, Commander Alves said.

He stated that the Force will up the ante against persons selling and lighting squibs and bombs, noise nuisance and road rage.

The ‘B’ Division Christmas policing plan extends from November 15, 2017, to January 15, 2018.

Commander Alves explained that the plan will be assessed on a weekly basis and adjustments will be made where necessary.

He assured that the Division is prepared to work with all stakeholders to ensure, as far as possible a crime and accident-free Christmas for the residents of Berbice.

During the Christmas period, there is usually an increase in social, cultural and economic activities resulting in an increase in shopping and visitors coming into the country for the holidays. (By Tanuja Raikha / DPI)