Berbice Couple Starts Up Plant Nursery as Part of Guyana’s Agricultural Drive

Bascom in his nursery at Rose Hall, East Canje.

By Leon Suseran

A young Berbice couple is harnessing the power of agriculture in every way boosting the Government of Guyana’s agricultural drive. Junior and Satya Bascom of Canefield Settlement, East Canje recently opened a nursery, agri center and plant shop that can supply kitchen farmers with several variety of plants, seeds, soils, and other equipment to kick start their own little gardens at home. They started up in June of last year.

Speaking recently with the West Indian, Junior Bascom also added that they have been budding exotic plants for sale including strawberries and white dragon fruit.

The idea behind the project was to bring certain services to the people since many have had to travel far distances for seedlings, etc. “We started by supplying our local persons with seedlings, like pepper, celery, tomatoes, white stem bhajee…we had an idea that we try out these things like the strawberry, we imported the seeds and used the same method for the seedlings…and to our surprise it grew and that was a real surprise to us,” Bascom added.

“The plants came and grew very, very lovely,”. The plants were introduced to direct sunlight so they can grow better. After seeing the successes in growing the exotic plant, they started to grow more and more. Hopefully they will have red and white dragon fruit available to the public as well. Peppermint and spare mint plants are also up and coming, according to the young farmer.

During a tour of the Canje Plant Nursery, which is located at Park Lane, Rose Hall, East Canje, Bascom added started sometime last year and with very little guidance and assistance from anyone or any organization.

Bascom sells a strawberry plant to an excited villager .

“We had a lot of difficulties and learning from our mistakes, we keep growing and growing and interacting with people, we learned a lot….we started to develop and this is what we end up with”.

“We are still growing, we are still we grow we continue people to keep planting,” he added. “All this you see here is from our savings, and we get a lot of support from our family members and the public, because they don’t have anywhere else close by selling plants,” he noted.

Previously persons would have to travel to West Berbice to buy, and incur travel expenses. “My wife and I came up with the idea that instead of people going over there, we do something for the community, develop the community…when you start your business you will create employment and as we get more established we will get more people..”.

He encouraged persons in Guyana to get involved in starting up a small business. Bascom, a mechanic graduate from the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) says he is available to give advice also to anyone who needs it.

He urged Guyanese to get in the planting habit and even business

“You might try plant something and fail…but don’t stop, continue, whatever advice you need you can come to us or go in the internet and do your research.”
As their operation grows, very soon they expect to provide chemicals to large scale farmers also.

He pointed out too that business is a registered business. And he or his wife may be contacted at 592-615-0944 for more information or orders.

Strawberries grown by the couple on their farm.