Baby Smothered Under Pile of Laundry


TRINIDAD & TOBAGO — A seven month old baby girl is believed to have suffocated beneath a pile of clothing at her San Fernando home on Thursday, according to a Trinidad and Tobago Express report.

Baby Sheniah James was found by her mother unresponsive under the clothing and a laundry basket. The incident occurred at Pleasantville Terrace, Pleasantville, the newspaper said.

The baby’s mother, Alisha James, was reported as telling the police that around 9.45 a.m. she left the baby girl on a bed asleep with the father, Reynold Brewster, 63.

James, 39, returned to the room around 10.20 am and found the child on the ground underneath the pile of clothes.

The parents took the child to the San Fernando General Hospital where she was pronounced dead by doctors.

In a brief interview with the Express, Brewster was reported as saying: “It is a misfortune. It is a tragedy that we as human being go through, and we does want to blame one another, but in life we go through these kinds of things. It is something that none of us wanted. It is something that I believe no human being wants”.

The mother was too distraught to speak to the Express.

The parents locked the house, saying they were headed to the police station and left in a taxi.

An autopsy was expected to be performed on Friday at the San Fernando mortuary.