Authorities Launch Investigation Into Wi-fi Access in T&T Prisons


After Another Video Made Behind Bars Surfaces on Social Media

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – An investigation has been launched into the use of the internet in correctional institutions across the country.

According to Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson, the investigation follows reports of another video began circulating on social media which was filmed behind bars.

In the most recent video, an inmate is overheard abusing another demanding the new password for Wi-fi.

The inmate, who could not be seen, was heard threatening the other inmate saying he changed the password and he “spends his money to get his internet.”

In an interview on Wednesday, Wilson said he saw the video and already began preliminary investigations.

“We are identifying the persons and launched an investigation into it. They get their devices and the main goal is to get rid of those who help. We must start looking internally and then look outside. We need to look inside before outside.Those persons intent on making the prison look bad,” he said.

Wilson said it did not look good for any organisation especially the Prison Service to see these videos.

Gerard Gordon, secretary of the Prison Officers’ Association, said this was one among many challenges faced in every prison across the world.

“In any prison in the world which prison does not have cellphones as a major issue and challenge? Is human beings we dealing with. The fact is in any prison it is in a constant battle facing challenges not only cellphones but unauthorised articles. It is a constant battle. That not going to simply go away and we have to be vigilant,” he said. – CMC