Andrea Sabita Ogle: An Attorney with a Difference!


By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Andrea Sabita Ogle is an attorney that personifies the American Dream. She comes from an inter-racial family from Guyana that has prized education, an untiring work ethic, honesty, and respect for others. Andrea has put those values to good use by displaying a selfless commitment to duty and to helping others. Her participation in the affairs of her community, and beyond, has enriched many lives and she is widely admired as an influential change maker. Andrea is that rare individual that has combined legal work with the aspirations of her community. She has been able to balance the credibility of the justice system and to instill public confidence in it.

Andrea was educated in the United States and is a product of the American judicial system. She has a most impressive resume. Over the past twenty-one years, she has represented hundreds of litigants, including adults and children. She is required to be trial ready on a daily basis to handle complex matters in the Family Court, Housing Court, Criminal Court and Supreme Court. Andrea has also represented clients in New York Family Treatment Court where alcohol, depression, or substance abuse is alleged.

She has evaluated evidence and witness credibility, analyzed laws and rules, made findings, issued decisions of aftercare release cases, and participated in mediation and settlement negotiations. In addition, Andrea has organized continuing legal education seminars for attorneys on the new Raise the Age Legislation and has provided mentorship to attorneys and guidance on litigation, trial and settlement strategies.

Andrea has worked with various organizations that included New York City Council Members, New York State Senate and Assembly Members, Federal legislators, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, The Sullivan County Human Rights Commission, the New York City Police Department, and others.

Attorney Andrea Ogle addressing the Queens Book Fair in which she reinforces the importance of literacy.

Over the years, Andrea has represented hundreds of juveniles that were prosecuted in Family Court for Misdemeanor and Felony Offences in Juvenile Delinquency proceedings. Many of the young persons have turned their lives around and have become productive members of the community.

Andrea takes her responsibilities seriously and is continually updating her knowledge in the field. She attends courses in Criminal Juvenile Delinquency and Criminal Law Practice. She has also participated and planned Continuing Education seminars related to the New Raise the Age legislation. There is no question that Andrea’s experience in Family and Criminal Law makes her a qualified candidate for both benches.

Andrea’s hard work, her dedication to duty, and her altruism have been recognized. She has earned several accolades as a result. In 2017, the Assigned Counsel Association of Queens Family Court presented Andrea with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of her outstanding performance and contributions to the Association. In 2018, Queens Borough President, Hon. Melinda Katz, presented Andrea with a Citation of Honor for her services to the community.

There were other accolades and Citations from Council Members Daneek Miller and Barry S. Grodenchik. Andrea has accepted these awards with her usual humility and grace. Her tireless work has shone like a star and in September 2019 she was honored, along with Congressman Gregory Meeks, for her distinguished service to the Queens community. In November of that year, she was further recognized and presented with a Citation of Honor from the Office of the Mayor of New York for her active role in promoting literacy in Queens, at the Queens Book Fair Inc.

Andrea’s success is derived from her ability to combine legal work while she maintains deep roots in her community. This combination has given her a unique perspective and platform in which to practice her advocacy. She is able to assess and assist immigrants with some of the challenges that they face in navigating the legal system in New York. She has emphasized the values that support diversity, tolerance and respect in a multicultural society, such as New York, and has emerged as a leading advocate for her community.

Andrea could be found speaking at the local police precincts, the temples, mosques, schools, and community councils. She has touched on varied topics that include domestic violence, gender rights, family law and diverse cultural and legal issues that relate to the South Asian and Caribbean cultures and customs. She is passionate about the welfare of the family, particularly the wellbeing of the children.

Andrea is a ‘people’s attorney’, one that is versed in the law and has deep roots in the culture of the community. She has walked a straight path and is mindful of the need to reach out to all, regardless of race, religion, or gender. Andrea will make an excellent judge that will uphold the law and lead by example.

We wish her well in the future.