Amorita Davidson BSN: A leader in Nursing!

Amorita Davidson with her one of her many awards. She is a credit to Nursing and her community.


When she was profiled nine years ago Amorita Rajshree Davidson had big dreams. She wanted to finish college, make her parents proud and land a good job. Nine years later, she has fulfilled her dreams beyond expectations and we are proud of her. Amorita graduated as a nurse, topping her class, and winning a number of awards in the process.

Amorita was born in Queens, New York. Her dad is Genarain, known as Arnold, and her mom is Sattie Davidson. Her dad is from Betterhope, in Guyana, while her mom is from Montrose, also in Guyana. Amorita has visited Guyana three times and she loves the country. The visit to Kaieteur Falls was one of the highlights of her trips.

Amorita attended St. Benedict’s Joseph Labre School, up to the eighth grade, and then to the Mary Louis Academy in Jamaica Estates. She thanks her teachers for their dedication and Ms. Brucia was particularly encouraging. Amorita liked Science and History and would accompany her dad to his job to see at first hand the wonders of science. Arnold is a Pharmacist in New York City.

When it came time for college Amorita chose Stony Brook University. She went to study Biology and did well. In 2012, Amorita graduated with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Cinema and Cultural Studies, and with a minor in Digital Arts. It was hard work but it paid dividends. She says, ‘I had opportunities to be a resident assistant and to help over 40 residents on campus with their academic and social skills.’

A happy moment. Amorita Davidson (center) at her graduation, with her dad Arnold and mom Sattie. Amorita graduated magna cum laude from the College of New Rochelle. She delivered the Student Address, was nominated to the Sigma Theta Tau, and won the Leadership Award in Nursing. She is also a keen cricket fan!

She was active in the Hall Council where she served as the public relations representative and as the vice-president. Amorita was also involved in the women’s engineering and science program that provided support to students. This experience led her to spend time at Brookhaven where she did research in 2010 at the NASA Radiation Laboratory. She presented her findings and won an award as the best oral presenter.

After Stony Brook, Amorita worked in a company in which she was the manager. But she felt that something was missing. She says that while she was sitting in her office there was an epiphany. She called her dad and asked him, ‘ Do you know of any resources for nursing?’ He wanted to know who was interested and when he found it was his daughter he was most pleased.

In June 2016, Amorita quit her job and began volunteering in a nursing unit at Bellevue Hospital in New York. She found a supportive and caring staff. Amorita applied to the College of New Rochelle to do a degree in nursing. She started classes in the Spring of 2016 and found her studies to be most enjoyable.

Amorita graduated in May 2018 and it was a proud moment for her family. She has an interest in pediatric oncology and she hopes to specialize in it. But she is also aware of the many opportunities in nursing; community and public health programs are high on her agenda.

Amorita is keen to serve, to mentor, keep up with the latest knowledge in the field, and preferably, to complete her Master’s in Public Health. She says that her parents, Arnold and Sattie, are great role models. They are very supportive and without their love and support she could not have done so well. According to Amorita, ‘my parents are inspirational. Their journey from Guyana to the US has not been easy but they worked hard to give me the opportunities. I want to make them proud. I can’t thank them enough.’

Amorita would like to thank Pandit Chunelall Narine, and the executive of the Shri Trimurti Bhavan, for their motivation in uplifting young people in the community. There are also the inspirational nurses at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York, and they include her preceptor Joseph Devita and clinical instructor Barbara Martino. Amorita is grateful to them for giving her the opportunity to grow professionally.

She also extends her gratitude to Alma C.N. Pamandanan (Miss Pam), Director of Nursing Medicine, Rehab and Cardiac Telemetry at Bellevue Hospital, in New York, for her strong leadership. Amorita has had professors and administrators that left an indelible impression on her. They are Dr. Debra Simmons, Dr. Sabratha Thomas, Dr. Arlene Rosen, Dr. Debra Geiger, Dr. Dorothy Larkin, Dr. Lynda Shand, Dr. Khaled Qanud, Professor Susan Wilson, Professor Paulette Thompson, and Professor Kathleen Reilly.

Amorita loves to watch sports with her dad. She knows cricket more than most West Indies enthusiasts. She is so close to the game that while she was at her graduation ceremony she was getting the latest cricket scores on her phone! Her favorite cricketers are Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kolhi from India, and she is planning to attend the World Cup at Lords next year.

At the 2018 graduation at the College of New Rochelle, Amorita graduated magna cum laude. She gave the Student Address that was well received. She was on the Academic Honors List all through 2016 to 2018 and was nominated to the Sigma Theta Tau, International Honor Society of Nursing. Amorita also won the Leadership Award in Nursing for outstanding contributions to her college.

There is no doubt that Amorita Davidson will go to the very top of her profession, will make a positive difference daily and will change the world for the better. We wish her and her family all the best in the future.