Albert Baldeo Wants to Give New York’s “Little Guyana, Little Punjab and Little Bangladesh” a Chance to be Represented in Gov’t

Guyana’s Vice President Bharat Jagdeo and Albert Baldeo.

QUEENS, NY-Community activist Albert Baldeo is running for State Assembly in District 24, Queens, which includes Richmond Hill, Hollis, Queens Village, Jamaica Estates and Briarwood and needs the support of everyone as he tries to bring a seat and a voice to all of us at the table of government. Baldeo feels the community has been “abandoned” by those who have held the seat since 1965, and “have ignored and suppressed” the large Indo-Caribbean community of Little Guyana, Little Punjab (Richmond Hill), Briarwood (Little Bangladesh), and all sections of the district.

“It is long past time to have our own serving us in public office,” is a common sentiment expressed by most constituents, many of whom have been abandoned when they tried to get help from Weprin’s office, especially during the pandemic.

Council members elect — Shekar Krishnan and Shahana Hanif pay tribute to Albert Baldeo, the first South Asian elected District Leader.

A press statement issued by Baldeo’s campaign, stated, “Due to Baldeo’s efforts, voters now have a chance to ensure they are represented for the first time, by voting for Baldeo in the primary set for June 28, 2022. Everyone, including our leaders and all communities, want Albert Baldeo in our State Assembly seat! Albert has always fought for us! We need him! He is our hero, champion and fighter. He has given us a choice we never had before. He is a household name.”

The largest American Asian labor organization, (ASAAL), of which Albert Baldeo is the President (Richmond Hill Chapter), said “Albert Baldeo is a veteran fighter. His work has been widely recognized in NY State, nationally, and internationally, substantiated by numerous proclamations from Presidents, including Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the US Congress (four times), Governors, Mayors, the UN and by many other prestigious and grassroots organizations in our community, for his dedicated community, labor and legal advocacy.”

According to the press release, the Queens Justice Center said, “Albert Baldeo is a beacon of hope, a profile in courage, the embodiment of triumph of good over evil, and a hero who has, and will always, fight for us. He is tried and tested, and is our fighter for any crisis, a man for all seasons!”

Albert Baldeo worked assiduously to have the first subway
elevator installed at the Lefferts/Liberty Avenue stop.

The Interfaith Alliance, another community group, in supporting Baldeo, was quoted in the press release, “When the Republican State senators sponsored racial profiling legislation, Albert Baldeo nipped it in the bud, and led the fight to vote them out of office, ensuring that we remain patriotic and united, as proud Americans. Albert has stood up to President Trump and exposed the failed Republican policies, and also to Weprin, the present Assembly member who has been a colossal failure, and who has suppressed services to virtually his entire district.”

“When the banks started to squeeze homeowners out of their homes, Albert fought for legislation to protect the American dream of home ownership, and assisted tenants against greedy slumlords and landlords alike, forcing them to effect repairs, eradicate rodents, provide heat, and stop harassing tenants. When the MTA tried to close our subways, bus and students’ metro cards, Albert fought back and defeated them, and got the first subway elevator installed at the Lefferts/Liberty Avenue stop.”

Albert Baldeo has been a trailblazer, fighter and leader for our communities. He is respected for standing up to injustice, hate crimes, discrimination, oppression and suppression, and fighting for a better quality of life for everyone.

The Business Leaders of the district, consisting of many local businesses that drive the local economy, are supporting Albert Baldeo’s candidacy, according to the press release. “When the City tried to close our firehouses, high schools, close senior centers, slash library hours and school funding, senior centers and parks, Albert Baldeo led the fight to defeat that injustice. When the DOT wanted to close/restrict Liberty and Hillside Avenues and other commercial routes, Albert Baldeo told them that it would stifle the local economies, forcing them to keep them open. In this crisis, Albert Baldeo is the man we need for this job, he stands up for, promotes and supports our businesses,” they emphasized, according to the release.

Many other religious, business, social and political groups, seniors, youths and working families, including Bengladeshis, Sikhs, Guyanese, Indians, Punjabis, Latinos, African-Americans, and Caucasians are coalescing around Baldeo’s candidacy, and pledged their support for him, saying it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to elect someone who has always fought for their American dreams and aspirations.

Albert Baldeo believes he has earned our vote and should give n a chance to serve our community.