African-American/Caribbean Education Association Inc. (AACEAINC) Pays Tribute to President Rosalind O’Neal for 25 Years of Exemplary Service and Leadership

African-American/Caribbean Education Association Inc. (AACEAINC) President Rosalind O’Neal with her plaque, after being honored by her organization. (Photography: Jeany Persaud)

Arriving at twenty-five years of productivity is a monumental time in the life of any entity or individual. The African-American/Caribbean Education Association Inc. (AACEAINC) is proud to salute its hard work over the years under the tutelage of its founder and award-winning president, Rosalind O’Neal. Her quality leadership has provided to the community challenging academic activities, accomplishing goals, and fulfilling the mission to: “Provide a vehicle by which educators, parents, politicians, community, and media, may be informed about issues relevant to our children’s educational growth and development, thereby, fostering a teaching and learning environment conducive to our students meeting the standards to compete and achieve in today’s evolving technological society.”

Reflecting on how far AACEAINC has come, Rosalind articulated a few highlights that she hoped the organization would be remembered: Being an endorser and participant of the National Center for Schools and Communities at Fordham University’s Task Force 2009: Working for Human Rights in NYC Public Schools; Providing to the Southeast Queens Community a Black Literature Series with a Historical Genre; Being an original voice in Immigrant Education meeting Literacy Needs; Providing the AACEAINC City-Wide Poetry Contest having students from Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and even Nassau County compete; Providing a Jazz/Poetry Slam; Being a Co-sponsor of the Education Forum: “Working to Build a Better Future for Our Children; and a Co-Sponsor of the Department of Education Smaller Learning Communities Grant, which was successfully awarded to the Southeast Queens Community in 2002.

Around 2007, one of Rosalind’s greatest joys and new additions was the establishment of the AACEAINC Scholarship Program. This program provides the following scholarships: The Mildred Collins Nursing/Health Science/ Medicine Scholarship; the William Samber Senior Sr. (original Tuskegee Airman) Aviation/Math and Science Scholarship; the Hon. Ernestine Washington Library Science/English Language Arts Scholarship; and the Elizabeth Hubbard Community Service Scholarship. AACEAINC has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships and recipients have gone on to become scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, aviation technical specialists, investment bankers, and so on.

Striving to offer great extracurricular activities to our young people, the following programs have been offered and part of today’s continuum: Oral Competition Tournaments, Speech and Debate Tournaments, and Academic Essay Contests. Such activities have stimulated, challenged, and excited students that have, and have never engaged in such activities. The trophies and prizes presented to winners are pristine and the competitions are motivators for young people to get into national and international competitions. The rules of AACEAINC’s contests are in accordance with national and international contest protocol that prepare students who wish to do so. On the horizon are math and technology forums and contests. AACEAINC reaches out to you and the community to help in this effort.
This 25th Anniversary year is coming to an end. It began with a bang and is planned to go out with a bang. It kicked-off during Black History Month, introducing the winners of the Academic Essay Contest 2021-2022 and extending to them their well-deserved prizes. They were joined by the Iconic Hero Honorees, who were presented with well-deserved plaques, for their commitment and service.

In May, a Community Service Award was offered to a graduating, high school senior that had given the community over 500 community service hours. In July, our beloved Mother Hubbard departed. In her loving memory, a Press Release was made on July 30th announcing the induction of the “Elizabeth Hubbard Community Service Scholarship,” into the Scholarship Program. This scholarship will now have name recognition in honor of Mother Hubbard, who during her lifetime was the epitome of service. In November, the organization purchased tickets for students to see the blockbuster movie, “WaKanda Forever.” While an entertaining and cultural experience was enjoyed, students were asked to communicate their thoughts in a short essay, focusing on the relevance of science in the life of the WaKanda people and that of society. A $25 to $50 bonus is to be awarded to the top essays.

As we wind down, a pictorial is being collected from anyone that has shared happy moments with AACEAINC. Folks are urged to start sending their photographs in now. Photographs will post at the website. Send them to, This promises to be a fun activity. The organization hopes to hear from friends and supporters with lots of memories. Photos will begin to post around December 15th.

Finally, as our story is told, the occasion of September 19, 2022, was saved for last. A defining moment was planned for Rosalind. Board Members and supporters gathered to present the long, anticipated silver plaque, for Rosalind’s 25 years of dedicated leadership and service. The planners were careful to keep this event secret to create a truly unforgettable surprise. Proudly everyone presented the silver plaque that reads:

25 Years of Exemplary Service Award for Rosalind O’Neal
African-American Caribbean Education Association Inc.
Founder, President & CEO
In recognition and thanks to our
esteemed President for 25 years of outstanding leadership,
dedication, and generosity here and abroad.
Congratulations for the development of outstanding
community service and youth scholarship programs.

The outstanding planners, attendees, and contributors, responsible for event were:
Joyce Samber-Director, Shirley Phipps-Director, Judith Tyler-Director, Harriett Diaz-Officer,
Jeany Persaud-Officer, Ayanna Mays, Commander Leroy Barnes, Rev. Stephanie Betts-Coleman, Allan Coleman, Lorraine G. Bridges, Kerryanne Burke, Shawneequa Callier-Director, Cheyenne Johnson, Aura Moody-Officer, Diamond Moody, Sandria and Theo Twitty, Hon. Ernestine Washington-Director, and Jackie Wilson, Sergeant Major, Retired.

The event was a lovely surprise, orchestrated to perfection and so wondrously received by the honoree. Tears were flowing from Rosalind with heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for a diligent team that has been with her through all the rough pouches over the years. AACEAINC is a friendly place to share ideas and make a difference.

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