African-American/Caribbean Education Association Inc (AACEAINC) Celebrates 25th Silver Anniversary With Activities, Achievement and Excellence


AACEAINC has been faithful in its mission of service to the community, regardless of the pandemic. In late 2021, aspiring young writers had the opportunity to seize a moment in time, entering the prestigious AACEAINC Academic Essay Contest 2021-2022.

This activity culminated during Black History Month 2022, kicking-off the celebration of AACEAINC’s 25th Silver Anniversary. This event introduced the contest winners and saluted exceptional individuals that helped the organization arrive at this wonderful year of excellence.

Very proudly, everyone was recognized, honored, and celebrated. And, for the record in early 2021, the organization provided an Essay Gift Award to graduating, college-bound seniors. It was successful and a resource to offset college expenses. At- present AACEAINC, what lies ahead for this 25th stellar year?

What lies ahead are exemplary activities that demonstrate a student’s brilliance. Each participant will personally enjoy the greatest gratification, be recognized for their achievement and excellence, and have another opportunity to boost their resume.
The following are current and upcoming activities that students may partake and look forward to:

Current Project: Community Service Award 2022 for graduating high school seniors, who have given service to the community. Deadline, Wednesday, May 18th. Students may download application or email a request (contact information follows).

Projects for the Fall 2022: 1) AACEAINC Academic Essay Contest 2022 for grades 5-12, and 2) Speech and Debate Tournament for grades 5-12.

Under the tutelage of President Rosalind O’Neal and Executive Board, Shawneequa Callier, Shirley Phipps, Judith Tyler, Hon. Ernestine Washington, Director Emeritus Joyce Samber, and Education Advisor, Dr. Eartha Hackett, AACEAINC has explosively commenced Year 25.

The organization now moves forward with steadfast supporters like our Iconic Heroes, Juliette Bowers, Trenton Johnson, Yolanda Johnson, Xiomara Laleye, Ayanna Mays, Aura Moody, Jeany Persaud, and Sandria VonAckbersingh-Twitty. With such hands, AACEAINC sponsors projects as the Academic Essay Contest, producing winners such as, Keith Boston-Hill and Jianly Phang, both sharing First Place Title, and Gabrielle Bernabe, taking Second Place Title. We press on, with the community!

Contact AACEAINC: Website: Email:,
or Telephone: 718-949-6733